Last Epoch 1.0 Tier List & Rankings - Best Class & Masteries in Last Epoch 1.0

2/21/2024 11:41:12 AM

In this Last Epoch 1.0 class and masteries tier list, we'll be going over and ranking each class as well as their masteries based on power, effectiveness, and fun factor in both solo and group play at end-game.

Last Epoch 1.0 Tier List & Rankings - Best Class & Masteries in Last Epoch 1.0

Last Epoch offers players a wide range of classes and masteries to choose from. Each class brings unique abilities and playstyles, making it crucial to understand their strengths and weaknesses. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a tier list ranking the best classes and masteries in Last Epoch 1.0 based on player experiences and expert analysis.

Last Epoch 1.0 class and masteries tier list

S Tier: Sorcerer, Bladedancer, Shaman, Runemaster, Paladin, Falconer


Right now Sorcerer is completely amazing. You have a lot of AoEs, you can clear the screens doing all of that on the move and teleport skill is really cool for moving fast between the different fights and slamming through the campaign. It works so good, there could be some issues with mana, but those are easy to fix especially in the second part and if you just roll your items, if you pick the stuff from the ground and craft on that a little, those issues will be really easy to fix. So the Sorcerer is an S tier build because it can do everything really fast and without any kind of issue.


Bladedancer is a proper S tier, it's amazingly fast because shift has really low cool down, you can just move from park to pack. It can also clear with great AOE and every kind of castom skill will destroy enemies around you. It's also dealing a lot of damage to bosses and in the current form, Bladedancer is one of the best classes for leveling. 


Shaman is a proper S Tier build, you have a crazy amount of cool skills that can literally clear the screen for you. You can do it fast, you can move much faster and you don't need anything to come online. You also don't need to wait for minions or anything like that, you can destroy everything around without any issue. Also Shaman in the early game is doing crazy damage to bosses. So Shaman should be in the S tier.


Runemaster can do everything that the Sorcerer does and that way it can be really strong in all the cases. Both of them should be an S tier because right now Runemaster can provide a lot of AOEs, crazy damage against the bosses and really fast moving due to the teleport. 


Paladin right now is a pretty good position because it has amazing shield rush skill with very low cool down in literally go through almost all the enemies with it, and Javelin is a really good skill to do damage. So Paladin is should be the basic right now, it's the strongest half melee class in the game together with Bladedancer and it has everything to just crew through early game without any issue.


Falconer seems like an S tier, because it can still utilize shift, it can be pretty fast and the Falconer abilities are pretty nice as well.

A Tier: Lich, Necromancer, Druid, Marksman, Warlock, Spellblade


The Lich is pretty much amazing right now as well, especially because there's not a lot of mana issues. So put it in the S tier, but since you will need to stop just a little to kill the monsters and your movement spell is not that good compared to other alternatives. So it will feel better in a because Lich is very versatile but you will still have some boundaries in some cases especially if you are going with not really a lot of projectiles version and going with the crit version could be a little harder, especially while you are leveling. So A tier works pretty good for Lich and it's mostly like an endgame class.


Play Necromancer at the same level as Lich, just because it works so good. Minions will kill everything for you, it still has some issues with movement itself and you will need to wait a little just for minions to  engage the enemy, because they could be a little slow and maybe not that smart. That's the main issue why is go to A and not to S.


The Druid itself is really something in between Shaman and Beast Master, because it's not really needed a lot of stuff to come online. And considering that you have amazing swarm form which will just clear the screen creating a lot of little swarms here and there, Druid could be really good right now. But considering it's not that fast as Shaman and the single target damage is not that high, A tier should be pretty good for do it. So it just stacks better and comes online faster than the Beast Master, but still not as great as Shaman.


Marksman is in a pretty special position, you can clear a lot of screens with Marksman, but it still need a few different bonuses to work properly. Both multishot and the Rain of Arrows works pretty good, but right now it just requires a little more situp. So while you're running through campaign and preparing for early leveling and early game phase by itself, Marksman should be somewhere in between. A tier will work great for it because it can still be pretty strong and it has shift the same way as Bladedancer has it, so it will come online but later on.


In the early game, it goes to the A tier instead of not the S, because it just feel a little slower and you will need to stack more debuffs on the enemies, so it will take time. It's harder than just running past enemies and just one shoting them while doing that. 


Spellblade is a really good magical archetype and it could be strong too, but right now it has some issues. Mostly because when you play as a Spellblade, you need to hit enemies with your melee attacks. And while leveling is pretty annoying and that way it still has a lot of potential, the damage is high and you have access to teleport. But hitting with melee, it could be a big issue. So it should go to A tier, it just works that way better. 

B Tier: Beastmaster, Forge Knight 


Beastmaster is going to for the B tier. It will be amazing in the end game, but while leveling it's much harder for Beastmaster to come online. It's not moving that fast, B tier would be perfect place for it in the early game and while leveling.

Forge Knight 

Right now Forge Knight is a pretty strong position in the later part of the early game. It's pretty hard to start as a Forge Knight, you will need at least 30 to 40 passives to make it common line properly to do great damage and for build to work. And it makes the early game much harder, it's not that bad with as with Void Knight, but it still has a lot of issues. So place it to B because it's somewhere in between the Paladin and the Void Knight.

C Tier: Void Knight 

Void Knight

Since void Knight mostly built around zones with damage over time, it could be much harder to utilize it when you need to constantly run through the campaign or complete things faster. So right now Void Knight should be in the C tier. It's probably the lowest one for it and it just not an early game class but it's still pretty cool and it will be really strong in the end game on the other hand.

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