Top 3 S-Tier Last Epoch 1.0 Builds - Best Marksman, Sorcerer & Paladin Build for Last Epoch 1.0 Beginners

2/21/2024 3:39:49 PM

Last Epoch Update 1.0 officially goes live today, players are now able to try massive new things in the game. Today we are going to dive into the top 3 best starter builds for Last Epoch 1.0, with the breakdown of equipment, idols, blessings, attributes, and skills.  

Top 3 Last Epoch 1.0 Best Builds for Starters/Beginners 2024

For the full 1.0 release of Last Epoch, there are three beginner-friendly builds shared by Vulkan, these Last Epoch 1.0 builds will make you start with a solid foundation, and you can start farming LE gear and efficiently building your character. 

1 - Last Epoch 1.0 Detonating Arrow Marksman Build

Get started in the first build, it is going to be the Lightning Marksman that uses the Detonating Arrow skill to quickly tear through groups of enemies by shooting one and then letting that arrow explode and letting lightning tendrils clear out the rest of the enemies. It is great against a single target with the Sucker Punch and helps you get down enemies quickly and keep you alive. When it comes to affixes, make sure to shore up all your defenses and have all your resistances taken care of before you get into any sort of damage addition. You want things like bow lightning damage, bow damage, lightning damage lightning penetration, and dexterity. 

Build Details

  • Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 43, Intelligence 2, Attunement 2, Vitality 7

  • Equipment: 

Dexterous Sealed Outcast Hat of Renewal

Shimmering Sealed Ruby Amulet of Hope

Saboteur's Dreadthorn Bow of Glory

Rogue's Umbral Coat of Purity

Assassin's Heavy Quiver of Static

Conduit's Opal Ring of Evasion

Infernal Plated Belt of Insulation

Dexterous Coral Ring of Regrowth

Conqueror's Sealed Plated Gauntlets of Purity

Mercurial Sealed Solarum Greaves of Sparks

Dexterous Ivory Dice of Frailty

  • Idols: 

Evasive Small Eterran Idol of Deflection

Tense Adorned Majasan Idol of the Eagle

Evasive Small Eterran Idol of Deflection

Vigorous Stout Lagonian Idol of Embers

Lunar Small Lagonian Idol of Frost

Vigorous Stout Lagonian Idol of Storms

Bountiful Small Eterran Idol of Deflection

Sanctified Humble Eterran Idol of Deflection

Vigorous Stout Lagonian Idol of Life

Blighted Small Eterran Idol of Iron

Assassin's Stout Lagonian Idol of Storms

  • Blessings: Pride of Rebellion, Memory of Light

  • Skills: Detonating Arrow, Smoke Bomb, Shift, Dark Quiver, Decoy

Last Epoch 1.0 Detonating Arrow Marksman skill 1

2 - Last Epoch 1.0 Fire Barrage Sorcerer Build

Moving on to the next one, the Sorcerer uses the Fireball skill as a main filler and this is going to apply huge amounts of ignite onto enemies. Any enemies who travel through your wall not only take huge amounts of damage but also proc Fireball casts towards them. This build is one of the S-tier choices for the Last Epoch 1.0 Patch, it is easy and fun to play and can handle high levels of corruption. Similarly, focus on your defense first, also look for fire damage, fire penetration, Elemental damage, damage over time, and + to skills & ignite. 

Build Details:

  • Attributes: Strength 1, Dexterity 1, Intelligence 67, Attunement 1, Vitality 7

  • Equipment: 

Mage's Temple Veil of Insulation

Blighted Sealed Bone Amulet of Insulation

Blighted Cinder Song of Conflagration

Mage's Mystic Plate of Fortification

Pyromancer's Dragon Eye of Remedy

Pyromancer's Sealed Coral Ring of Remedy

Alchemist's Sealed Chain Belt of Life

Pyromancer's Sealed Ruby Ring of Purity

Assassin's Sealed Crusader Gauntlets of the Giant

Scholar's Fiery Dragon Shoes

Scholar's Sealed Rune Quill of Regrowth

  • Skills: Fireball, Frost Wall, Volcanic Orb, Flame Ward, Teleport

Last Epoch 1.0 Fire Barrage Sorcerer skill 1

3 - Last Epoch 1.0 Fire Warpath Paladin Build

The last build you should try in the Last Epoch 1.0 launch is the Fire Warpath Paladin, it focuses on self-buffs and applying as many stacks of ignite as possible through warpath, this allows the build to quickly clear mobs of enemies and hold its own against bosses in a pretty decent way.

It is not the fastest build around, but it will be safe by taking advantage of self-healing. Health leech on melee attacks and stacking resistances while channeling this makes it a strong starter build for players who are new to the game. Look for defensive stuff first and you’ll want melee fire damage, damage over time, fire damage, resistance while channeling, and health leech. 

Build Details:

  • Attributes: Strength 32, Dexterity 2, Intelligence 7, Attunement 10, Vitality 15

  • Equipment:

Attuned Solarum Greathelm of Life

Pyromancer's Sealed Jade Amulet of Insulation

Leeching Sealed Odachi of Suppression

Sentinel's Sealed Solarum Plate of the Ox

Blighted Sealed Opal Ring of Insulation

Infernal Sealed Plated Belt of Hope

Cleric's Sapphire Ring of Purity

Conqueror's Maehlin's Hubris

Vital Sealed Solarum Greaves of Insulation

Infernal Sealed Solar Commandment of Meditation

  • Idols: 

Warlord's Grand Solar Idol of Deflection

Conflagrating Large Rahyeh Idol of Fire

Blighted Small Eterran Idol of Deflection

Cleric's Small Eterran Idol of Remedy

Plated Small Lagonian Idol of Fire

Cleric's Adorned Rahyeh Idol of Melting

Sealed Huge Rahyeh Idol of Melting

Wounding Large Rahyeh Idol of Cinders

  • Blessings: 

Strength of Mind

Talon of Granduer

Remorse of Heorot

Rhythm of the Tide

Resolve of Humanity

Remnants of the Elders

Vigor of Jormun

Flames of Calamity

  • Skills: Warpath, Smite, Judgement, Holy Aura, Sigils of Hope

Last Epoch 1.0 Fire Warpath Paladin skill 1

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