5 Buffs & Nerfs for Patch 3.24 Path of Exile Necropolis

3/15/2024 11:37:42 AM

Path of Exile's 3.24 expansion, Necropolis is just around the corner. With it will surely bring a range of buffs and nerfs to various aspects of the game, there’s a list of 5 buffs and 5 nerfs for patch 3.24 Path of Exile Necropolis league. These are totally completely 100% confirmed.

5 Buffs & Nerfs for Path of Exile 3.24 Patch 

Fellow Exiles, Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis is finally confirmed to launch on March 29th, players are eagerly anticipating the buffs and nerfs that will come with the new expansion. While the full content of the expansion will be revealed on March 21st, we can make some predictions based on previous updates and community discussions. Here 5 buffs and 5 nerfs we might see in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis.

5 POE 3.24 Buffs for Necropolis Expansion

  • 1. The first buff is ancestor totems. Specifically, how ancestor totems affect melee in general. Long have we wanted to separate out how ancestor totems provide significant buffs to Melee temporarily and while grinding gear games have tried to provide solutions in the form of items and passive skill tree masteries, it's still just partially addressing the problem. The totems feel bad, but they are needed to run a viable melee build, capable of clearing monsters and big bosses. Fighting those lovely teleporting bosses is surely frustrating for melee enjoyers below a billion DPS, always needing to leap slam over to their enemy, recast their totems and then start striking them. By the time the fourth strike goes out, blip, the boss is gone again. Grinding gear games are positively addressing ancestor totems in this patch. Whether they are simply buffing melee skill damage, allowing ancestor totems to linger their effects for longer or without great investment or just dropping the interaction entirely, something shall be done.

  • 2. Grinding gear games will once again attempt to buff selfcast skill gems. They tried doing this a few patches back with changes to direct skill gems themselves, mostly focusing on spells and the like. Knowing that people were simply using most spell skill gems with totems, mines and cast down critical hit setups. With this go at selfcast, they're going to roll selfcast power into a new set of transfigured gems. We will be getting more of those and they'll need to populate the new ones in some way and among the gems not touched plenty of self-cast skills are in there.

  • 3. Cleave of Rage was a massive success in 3.23. Grinding gear games might add some more transfigured gems that work well with certain types of dual wielding that shall enable spectacular builds, Cleave of Rage Berserking. If transfigure gems are not added to help out dual wielders, it's definitely possible and ascendency rework or to will hit POE this league. The two that could arrive are the Assassin and the Gladiator, both of those could easily roll in some dual wielding specific skill nodes, quite similar to how Chieftain empowers gems, explicitly tailored to slams and the like. 

  • 4. Moving away to characters and to actual League content, we shall see a ritual buff in 3.24. However, it won't be in the form of the actual current mechanic or its rewards. It'll be in the form of a new random chance for the Affliction leagues and boss portal to spawn in at the end of any ritual in a map with four rituals. This not only would give access to yet another cool boss fight, it would give us all access to that which was taken the coolest new item of Affliction League which has been confirmed to not be in the core drop pool with the rest of the Affliction unique. This super powerful unique being in ritual would completely change how people view the mechanic and use it in their endgame strategies. 

  • 5. There is a large boost to normal Pinnacle bossing. Mark Roberts specifically said a few months back that he was not a fan of the current Uber normal bossing met, wherein people who couldn't do Uber bosses, were just better off selling their invites almost every single time. This patch will come with a rework to how Uber bossing operates, perhaps gating Ubers behind normal boss runs in some way shape or form. It's a delicate balance and a difficult topic to try and devise a solution for.

5 Nerfs for POE 3.24 Necropolis Expansion

  • 1. There is a big shot at the Deadeye and Pathfinder ascendancies directly. These ascendancies have been in the meta for leagues now thanks to their extreme power with ranged skills and farming capabilities. We can expect for GGG to bring down the thunder on them in at least two or three ways, it could be a direct nerf to their ascendency notes. It could be a change to the way Tornado Shot scales or how lightning Arrow builds up. It could be a to flasks and how they magnify with the Pathfinder and Mageblood. There are plenty of avenues GGG can take with this and we can expect it to almost definitely happen much to the Chagrin of many Lightning Arrow enjoyers.

  • 2. We can expect Pantheons to be toned down or weakened in some manner. We now unlock Pantheon powers on all subsequent characters in a league thanks to the new quality of life implemented by grinding gear games. This is instantly going to be a nice defensive boost of power. But they'll also tone down the strength of some of these nodes too. Grinding gear games cannot give it without taking away.

  • 3. Number 3 on the nerfs list is the most beloved and most hated ability of melee enjoyers, Boneshatter. Long has this been the go-to pseudo melee ability, but we are hoping it's time in the sun will be gone soon. It'll be a direct small nerf and a boost to other melee specific abilities that hopefully we'll get a few new cool transfigured gems and numbers tweaks.

  • 4. Number 4 on the nerf prediction list is a league mechanic many love, it's Danctum, which will likely be the huge currency printer with the death of Affliction. If this next mechanic does not rain currency from the sky, then people will definitely flock to Sanctum once more, which was printing mirrors in trial of the Ancestors. Grinding your games will predict this and tone down the currency rewards just a bit. Probably by adjusting the rarity of mirrors and divine orbs.

  • 5. Finally the last item on the nerf list for POE3.24 is Magic find as a mechanic. Even though Affliction is not going core, GGG might think it is too easy to scale right now and in the manner we scale it to screen clogging. We anticipate a few adjustments to be made which after the mega drop League that was Affliction will likely not go well.

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