POE 3.24 TOP 5 Necropolis League Starter Builds 2024 - 5 Non-Meta Starter Builds in POE 3.24

3/27/2024 10:35:51 AM

Is it just going to be the same Old Mundane mish-mash of the same builds league on League or are they going to be interesting and a little bit different, let's get into this guide for 5 more possible League starters that you could consider for the 3.24 league.


Build 1: Frostblade Trickster - Zish

He still played this build and proved that this build, still slaps hard and can progress all the way through the endgame and is still extremely powerful, you're only losing a partial percentage of the already overarchingly, overwhelming power of Builders ascertained over time.


Build 2: Kitava's Thirst Corpse Blaster - Cardboard Bastards

The Kitava's Thirst unique item is about 1 to 5c dependent on the league, this is the perfect build for you this is a more complex build to get working and requires a little bit more game knowledge to understand how to play it so we wouldn't recommend this for beginner players, but we definitely would recommend this to intermediate players who just want to look for interaction.


Build 3: Manabond Manastacker/Archmage - 1Manaleft

He is very upfront with the fact that it's a little slower to get this build started than other builds, so it is a very common build to play on League start whether or not you like it that's the statistics factually nearly one/ten of the entire player base that plays hogan is playing mana bond on League start or roundabouts League starts.


Build 4: Cold Blade Vortex Occultist - Exiledcat

It's all extremely consistent and very approachable, he's done Zero to Hero in the SSF leveling series from the 3.22 league which can be applied to this build, and the best thing about this build is there haven't been any real major changes to Blade Vortex for some time, at one point at its peak and this is going back many leagues ago, this was like one of the go-to builds.


Build 5: Shield Crush Jugg - Jorgen

Shield Crush Jugg is definitely a slower build to level up with and there's no avoiding that it does take a little longer to do the campaign on day one, you need to focus on getting a seething Fury, initially moving into Empress vigilance and then scaling up from there.

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