Path of Exile 3.24 TOP 5 League Start Builds for Necropolis -

4/1/2024 10:55:24 AM

You're going to need a good League Start build, we collected what we feel are the top five League Start builds of 3.24, for most of these builds we've got multiple options for you from different content creators that focus on different things.

 Path of Exile 3.24 TOP 5 League Start Builds for Necropolis

TOP 1: Righteous Fire Build

If you are a brand new player and want to have your hand held 100% of the time through every step of the game and want there to be absolutely no questions unanswered in your time spent playing this league, Pohx has you more than covered, we do not feel that is a good build for juicers, experienced players, or people who like interactive builds, that said it can still get very powerful in the super endgame.


TOP 2: Archmage Heirophant Build

-"New" Archetype that will give you something fresh to play, Archmage isn't exactly new but the changes overhaul the playstyle quite substantially and fix a lot of the problems that the builds previously had,

-Can play "almost" any spell that scales added damage effectively without much adjustment on the tree / gear / gems.

-Has a decent amount of "Conditionals" to be able to get your highest damage off / protect yourself (Arcane Cloak, Sigil of Power).

-Some unique and base pieces could be expensive due to popularity.


Palsteron's Ball Lightning:

  • -Easier to Gear

  • -Easier to Pilot / 1 Button Playstyle + Buffs

  • -Reasonably Tanky

  • -Very High Damage Ceiling


Goratha's Ice Nova Frostbolt:

  • -Harder to Gear

  • -Harder to Pilot / 2 Button Playstyle + Buffs

  • -Extremely Tanky

  • -Lower Damage Ceiling


TOP 3: Lightning Arrow / Bow Deadeye Build

Note that the vast majority of these are 95% similar to start, it is the endgame goals that differ between them mostly.

Crouching Tuna's Lightning Arrow:

  • -More thorough guide and a bit friendlier to newer players.

  • -Uses Ballistae for single target which provides a bit higher damage and defenses at the cost of needing to use a second ability.


Fubgun's Lightning Arrow / Elemental Hit T-Gem:

  • -Much less hand holding and not super friendly to new players.

  • -Uses Manaforged Arrows for Single Target which is significantly less safe and slightly less damage but doesn't require additional buttons or a change in playstyle.

  • -Focus on swapping to Magic Find strategies and versions of the build.


TOP 4: Detonate Dead of Chain Reaction Build

For Necromancer:

  • -Tried and true build, considered by many the best league start build of basically every league for the last few years.

  • -2 Button Playstyle and a lot of conditions can be frustrating for some people wanting more simple playstyle.

  • -Can have issues with boss damage.

  • -Extremely tanky.

  • -Very fast mapping.


Reaction Inquisitor:

  • -Honestly kind of a broken setup, works with almost no gear, does insane damage, super tanky, the cat outdid himself once again.

  • -Build was made by an insanecat, use at your own risk.


TOP 5: Explosive Trap Build

It is a trap build which a decent amount of people dislike the feeling of, there will be delays in your damage output and the playstyle isn't very "satisfying" to some. Sunblast is a very powerful unique for this build has which can be a huge turn off for a lot of people. Very good for people who want to tackle difficult bosses for the first time.