POE 3.24 Currency Farming Guide - 5 Best Methods to Farm Currency in Path of Exile Necropolis

4/3/2024 4:11:34 PM

Path of Exile Necropolis introduced a number of changes that have impacted how players can efficiently farm currency. With new highly profitable farming strategies available and some past methods receiving balance changes, it's a good time to review the top currency farming techniques in the current league. In this guide, we will cover 5 of the best farming methods in POE 3.24 Necropolis.

POE 3.24 Currency Farming Guide - 5 Best Methods to Farm Currency in Path of Exile Necropolis

One important aspect of the game is currency farming, which involves acquiring valuable in-game items that can be used for trading, crafting, and enhancing your character's gear. In the 3.24 update, also known as the Necropolis expansion, several new methods have emerged as the best ways to farm currency. In this guide, we will explore these methods in detail, providing you with the knowledge to maximize your currency gains in Path of Exile Necropolis.

1. Essence Farming in High Tier Maps

- Essences continue to be one of the most reliably profitable rewards in mapping, allowing players to target-farm specific powerful crafting bases and upgrades. With the addition of new Essence monsters and rewards from the Arachnid and Gorgers in Necropolis, their value has increased further this league.

- The key to maximizing profits from Essence farms is running high tier red maps (T13+) that have good layouts and low mob density. This includes maps like Plaza, Scriptorium, Beachhead and Lair. Focus on getting high item quantity rolls to increase your rare drop rate and pick up Essence relics from defeated monsters.

- Popular Essences to target are Horror, Misery, Insanity and Delirium since their upgraded rares have good resell value. Use Breachstoned maps for added mobs and splinters or Zana mods like Beyond or Harbinger for extra pack size boosts.

- With full magic find gear and properly rolled maps, you can expect to make 2-4 exalts worth of drops per hour steadily selling the upgraded rares and crafting bases. For sustained profitability, keep running the strategy for a minimum of 2 hours each session.

2. Heist Contracts

- Heist received some nice buffs and a rebalance in 3.24 which has vaulted blueprint contracts back up as one of the very best currency makers. With proper planning and an optimized character, you can pull 30c-1ex of raw currency from blueprints alone.

- The keys are running Grand Heists in Lex Proxima, rushing the four wings as fast as possible and opening all chests. Focus on killing Volcano, Construction and Park wing leaders only. Clear everything quickly but avoid unnecessary backtracking.

- Some tips to maximize rewards include using Veiled Chaos Orb reward contracts wherever possible, running Scarabs to spawn extra chests, using Ambush scarabs for anointed Uniques, and getting XP/quantity gear to rush levels for extra reveals.

- With Heist's boosted rewards and access to reliable 600+ chaos/hour, it has returned as one of the game's best low investment league starters now. Even with mediocre gear you can make 5-10 exalts per hour running optimized Grand Heists.

3. Expedition Encounters

- Expedition's juiced reward tables and ability to target farm specific currency types has made engaging with Gwennen and Tujen an integral part of mapping. With their rework in 3.24, returns have been boosted while keeping the mechanics rewarding and accessible.

- Focus on running Expedition modifiers in high tier red maps, using Scarabs to force more frequent encounters. Prioritize completing encounters to get free tujen/gwennen rewards without having to trade League specific items. Pick up every Currency, Divination, Logbook and Remnant you see, to build up inventory for trades.

- Tujen is ideal for target farming Chaos/Exalts while Gwennen is great for gambling onto valuable Uniques. Using Sextants with Expedition modifiers can up rewards further. Logbooks also have huge potential returns if running juiced ones efficiently.

- Estimates put average sustainable returns at 3-6 exalts worth of currency per hour running well rolled Expedition maps. So engaging with each encounter remains very profitable despite the lower barrier to entry in 3.24.

4. Necropolis Roguelike Dungeons

- The new randomized multi-level Necropolis zones introduced in 3.24 offer dense monster packs and lucrative rewards. With careful play, their deeply rewarding endgame progression makes them one of the highest profit methods available.

- Run maps with the "Necropolis" modifier to gain access to the labyrinths. Prioritize investing in defense and sustain as the zones scale very high. Procure Keys of Shaping to unlock powerful gear upgrades. Farm the zones efficiently to reach high tiers for rarer drops.

- Sell any valuable Shaper or Elder influenced rares that drop. Corrupted 6-linked armours and Uniques hold solid resale value. Target bossing the top tiers for i86 bases and a chance at the powerful replica Uniques.

- Properly clearing Tier 14-16 Necro labyrinths for their boss rushes is estimated at 6-12ex profit per hour including the value of unique drops. So alongside the challenging gameplay, they offer one of the single best currency dens in the game currently.

5. Targeted Boss Rushing

- Boss rushing, where you optimize your build to quickly kill Specific high value targets, remains as consistent as ever. The recent launch of 3.24 saw a spike in boss kill demand thanks to challenges and new players.

- Good targets include Shaper, Uber Elder, Maven, Uber Atziri, Uber Sirus and Exarch-Eater of Worlds. Set up your Atlas for fast map routing to the desired encounter and optimize a build to one-shot or phase them rapidly.

- List boss carries frequently for popular bosses, aiming for anywhere from 5-15 Chaos per kill depending on the target. Sell services in bulk of 10-30 kills to increase profits. With practice you can take down most endgame bosses in under 5 minutes each.

- Experienced runners managing 40-60 targeted boss kills per hour can pull 8-15exalt profits. So it remains a set-it-and-forget-it method competitive with the top active farming strategies.