WoW Where to Get Cliffside Wylderdrake Armor for Midsummer Fire Festival 2024

6/24/2024 3:17:02 PM

In this article, we are going to be talking about the Midsummer holiday event and we will explain what are some of the new rewards including the Cliffside Wylderdrake armor that you will be able to get in 2024, how to get Cliffside Wylderdrake armor and what to do during this event. 

What is Midsummer Fire Festival in WoW

The Midsummer Fire Festival is a summer tradition and has just begun on the live game. This event will run from June 21st to July 5th. The big ticket item for this year's event in 2024 is a new customization for the Cliffside Wylderdrake, this includes a Midsummer-themed armor and a midsummer-themed helm. This manuscript is obtained through the Satchel of Chilled Goods which is the Epic bag that you get from killing the midsummer boss, you can do that just through the dungeon finder. Make sure you're doing this on a level 60 plus character though because if you do it on anything lower than level 60, you're just going to get the green bag and that is not going to include the armor as far as we're aware.

where to find Midsummer Fire Festival Cliffside Wylderrake armor

Midsummer Fire Festival Rewards & How to Get Cliffside Wylderdrake Armor

We have three new rewards that you can get this year through this event:

- First, if you come and talk to any of the different Midsummer Merchants, you will be able to buy two new cosmetic items, one shield (this is the Midsummer Safeguard, this is like a midsummer-themed shield) and one back piece. You can purchase them with some of the burning blossoms which is the currency for this event. 

- Then you will also be able to get the dragonriding manuscript for your Cliffside Wylderdrake. 

- Then you also have the headpiece. 

In order for you to get this new dragonriding manuscript, all you have to do is to kill the Frost Lord Ahune. So this is a daily activity that you can do on all your different characters. And basically, you just want to go in the dungeon finder, click on the first slowdown and find a group, then you will simply have to enter kill the boss. And when he dies, you will receive one of these shield goods and inside this container, you will have a chance at getting the dragonriding manuscript. 

Similar to the other holiday events, you will have a higher chance at getting this dragonriding manuscript from the Satchel of Chill Goods on the first kill of the day on your entire account, so it means that every day do it at least once, because you will have a higher chance of getting this item from the container. Then after that, you can do it on all the different characters that can get this epic version of this Satchell of Chill Goods and you will always have another chance at getting the dragonriding manuscript, it will still be good but just a lower drop chance. 

Daily activities

So this is the main daily activity that you should do on all your different characters. First of all, when you're opening these different sat of Satchell of Chill Goods, you will receive some of the currency. You will also have a chance at getting these over rewards from the container such as the Illusion Death Frost, the Frostscythe of Lord of Ahune, the Ice Chip and you will also sometimes get some pieces of gear especially the cloak and it will be item 467. Next to that, you will also have a bunch of quests that you can do normally on a daily basis. 

How to farm burning blossoms

The easiest way for you to get some of these different burning blossoms is simply by going around all the different areas of World of Warcraft. And in each main zone, you will always have two things to do, if for instance you're playing on the or character you want to go and visit the main alliance city in this zone and do the Desecrate this Fire, so all you have to do is to go click on the fire, complete the quest and you will receive 10 of these different burning blossoms. And then you want to go in your main city and you want to do the Honor the Flame quest which just requires you to talk to one these different Midsummer attendant and then you will be able to receive 5 of these burning blossoms.