WoW War Within Healer Tier List: Best Healer Specs Ranked in TWW Beta

7/5/2024 2:29:48 PM

A healer who can maintain high healing output while using fewer resources is generally more effective, which healing spec is the most worth playing? Come to check out this WoW War Within healer tier list. The pre-expansion patch of  The War Within expansion is set to release at the end of this month, get ready to start the new game with the best healer.


WoW War Within Healer Tier List: Best Healer Specs Ranked in TWW Beta

War Within Tier List Criteria for Healer Classes & Specs

Based on the tests on class performance in World of Warcraft The War Within beta, combining reworks to their hero talents and tier sets, 7 healers are ranked in the following tiers. 

- Tier S contains specs that are considered the strongest and most powerful healers. They will likely remain mandatory choices and retain their position at the top of the healing specs in all types of group content.

 - Tier A contains specs that are rated above average overall in their typical performance. This includes specs that generally provide very strong healing as well as those that may be a bit more middle-of-the-pack but are expected to gain meaningful improvements in the new expansion. Most are predicted to maintain their strong standings, and previously weaker specs have the potential to rise with the upcoming changes.

 - Tier B holds specs that are currently average or above average but don't quite match the exceptional qualities of Tier S or demonstrate the strength of Tier A. Specs here have reliable healing abilities that make them viable options.


WoW TWW Healer Tier List

1. Preservation Evoker - S Tier

The only S-tier option on this list is Preservation Evoker, which is probably the best healer and spec to main in WoW War Within. It has a unique play style, with a high amount of healing potential, on the Chronowarden talent tree, a lot of interesting passive effects added, and Double Time will greatly increase the healing output provided by Dream Breath. Preservation Evoker is able to fully burst heal a party in a couple of seconds, making it extremely overpowered compared to others.  


2. Restoration Druid - A Tier

As a higher A tier, Restoration Druid continues to provide decent burst healing on short cooldowns, good survivability, strong healing while mobile, and nice passive and active damage output through their balance affinity abilities. The Keeper of the Grove hero talent tree is primarily focused on Grove Guardians and looks to be the preferred choice. It significantly shifts gameplay by providing stacking buffs to healing when Guardians are active and adds meaningful throughput to burst windows. Control the Dream is also noteworthy as it can reduce the cooldowns of key abilities like Incarnation: Tree of Life.


3. Discipline Priest - A Tier

In Patch 11.0, the Atonement healing of Discipline Priest has increased by 5%, and the Smite and Penance can increase the damage of the next Mind Blast or absorb the amount of the next Power Word: Shield, stacking up to three times. This allows them to achieve a better balance between output and healing. When you are choosing between the two hero talent trees, Voidweaver is incredibly fun to play and would be a game-changer, while Oracle is not that impactful and may require some improvements. Discipline Priest is ranked in the A tier now and could be potentially an S-tier healer once War Within launches with significant reworks.


4. Restoration Shaman - A Tier

Blizzard introduced a new ability called Skyfury to Shamans in the beta of The War Within, which can give target allies 2% mastery and give their automatic attacks a 20% chance of hitting again within 1 hour. This enhancement makes all Shaman specs including Restoration Shaman in the team more significant, especially in battles that require frequent output and control. In addition, The hero talents for Restoration Shaman feel the best out of all the other specs. For hero talents, Farseer is reliable to play with a Riptide-focused build in dungeons, and Totemic is decent with a chain heal-focused build.


5. Mistweaver Monk - A Tier

Another healer put in the A tier is going to be Mistweaver. Conduit of the Celestials is the more enjoyable hero talent due to the big burst heal and high output. Master of Harmony has some power, but it doesn't feel particularly amazing. There are more movement options available for this spec, boosting its advantage in mobility. A new powerful cooldown called Celestial Conduit can heal nearby allies and damage nearby enemies. Core healing abilities like Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist also get enhancements.


6. Holy Paladin - A Tier

Moving on to the Holy Paladin, which is ranked at the bottom A tier, it offers diverse build options despite some flaws at the current stage. The hero talents for Holy Paladins are considered the second-best among healers, while the talent design is not well-received by players. It requires a 3-second cast and can feel slow in Mythic Plus. Holy Shock gets 10% increased healing and 10% reduced cooldown, which is a good thing. This spec will be stronger in single target and AOE healing ability. Some


7. Holy Priest - B Tier

The developer adjusted the healing cooldown of Holy Priest, which improves its healing ability in a small-scale team. Archon provides a fun way of playing Holy Priest, particularly with the use of Halo, a new talent that creates a ring of Holy energy around that quickly expands to a 30-yd radius to heal allies and deal holy damage. Holy Priest has high throughput and a reliable healing pattern, making it a good spec for Mythic Plus. The tier set doesn't restrict the player from choosing particular talents, giving them the freedom to play different talents.