Animal Crossing New Horizons Stalk Market Guide - How to Buy, Sell Turnips & Get High Prices

6/5/2020 5:50:40 PM

Playing the stalk market effectively in Animal Crossing New Horizons can help players gain considerable profits. Similar to the stock, exchanging turnips on the stalk market is the investment you can make. How to buy and sell turnips in Animal Crossing and how to get high turnip prices for New Horizons? Check out the following content on to get the tips for turnips trading.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Stalk Market and Turnips Guide

How to Buy Turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Animal Crossing turnips is a type of special item in New Horizons with fluctuating prices, they can be purchased every week and sold before rots to gain a certain amount of ACNH bells. You can buy ACNH turnips from Daisy Mae on each Sunday. When you have unlocked Nook’s Cranny, a character named Daisy Mae will visit your island, taking some turnips on her head for sale from 5 AM to 12 PM. You need to buy turnips in stacks of 10, note that Animal Crossing turnips prices are changing every week, generally between 90 - 110 bells per piece. There is no limit on the purchasing quantities, you can buy as many turnips as you can carry when it’s selling at a low price.

When to buy (time): Sunday morning to 12 PM

How much to buy (price): 90 - 110 Animal Crossing bells 

Where to buy: Daisy Mae

How to store: after purchasing turnips, keep the turnips stay in your pockets or scatter them around the ground or floor

How to Sell Turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

The next thing you should do is to sell the turnips in the proper time. All the turnips must be sold before the following Sunday, to avoid the turnips rot and reduce loss. From each Monday to Saturday, Timmy and Tommy will buy turnips from you. They will change the prices twice a day (morning and 12 PM). Choose a good time to sell your turnips. The best time is when the turnip prices are increasing, but even though the prices go down, you also have to sell the turnips before Sunday, otherwise, they will be spoiled, all your money has gone. Remember to ask them for Animal Crossing turnip prices twice each day to know about the patterns better.

When to sell (time): Monday to Saturday

How much to sell (price): varying all the time, ask prices twice each day

Where to sell: Timmy and Tommy

Patterns: spike pattern, decreasing pattern, fluctuating pattern

How to Get High Turnip Prices in Animal Crossing?

After purchased the turnips, selling turnips from the following Monday. What you can do is go over to Nook’s Cranny and check the turnip prices in the morning and 12 PM per day. When the price of Animal Crossing turnips is higher than that you bought, you can sell them to make bells. Keep track of Daisy Mae’s Sunday price, which is the base price, and each value the Nooklings offer throughout the week, to predict the price they are willing to pay.

Pay attention to the patterns and spikes in the price. In a large spike pattern, you may find the prices even in 650 bells. In small spikes, the price is also possible to jump to 200 bells. For decreasing patterns, the turnip price will be getting lower and lower than the base price as the week goes on. While with the random or fluctuating pattern, you’ll never make more than 140% profit. Prices rise slightly in a week, then fall, then increase and decrease randomly. If your price starts to be a little high and doesn't go down on Monday, you may get this pattern. The best method to get high turnip prices in Animal Crossing is to visit your friends who are playing the game. When the turnips sell at good prices on their island, you can go there and exchange the item. Communicate the turnip prices and trends with your friends, help each other to max out the profit.