Animal Crossing New Horizons Bridge Guide: Styles, Prices, Limit & How to Build a Long Bridge

6/10/2020 12:10:59 PM

Building Infrastructure is the main way to transform and improve your island in Animal Crossing. Bridges and inclines are also the solutions to help you cross the river easier and proceed your island without hindrance. What types of ACNH bridges are there and how many bridges can you make? Here we bring the Animal Crossing New Horizons bridge guide with styles, prices, limit, and the way for how to build a long bridge. 

build animal crossing new horizons bridges

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bridge Styles and Prices

Animal Crossing bridges are landmarks that cross over the river, and connect the land on both sides. There are 8 bridge styles in New Horizons, each type of AC bridges may have different prices. 

Log bridge – 98,000 Animal Crossing Bells

Suspension bridge – 129,800 ACNH Bells

Wooden bridge – 168,000 ACNH Bells

Stone bridge – 168,000 ACNH Bells

Brick bridge – 198,000 ACNH Bells

Zen bridge – 228,000 ACNH Bells

Red zen bridge – 228,000 ACNH Bells

Iron bridge – 228,000 ACNH Bells

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bridge Limit

After unlocked the Nook’s Cranny, you can use the bridge construction kit from Tom Nook to build the first bridge with no cost. The bridge construction kit including materials log stakes, clay and stone. You can make more ACNH bridges once you upgrade the Resident Services from a tent to a full building, but you can only build one bridge or incline per day, and they need to be paid.

How to build a bridge in Animal Crossing? After unlocked the Resident Services, talk to Tom Nook about infrastructure, and select Bridges. Choose the ACNH bridge styles you want, and place the construction plot anywhere on your island. You can see Lloid with the plot and donate the full funding to him, the bridge will be completed next day. The bridges can be canceled during the funding period. 

How many bridges can you have in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Each ACNH island can contain a maximum of 8 Animal Crossing bridges in the game. If you want to build additional bridges, you have to demolish one of the existing bridges with a cost of 10,000 bells. Similarly, the max quantity of Animal Crossing inclines is also 8. Many players want to remove this bridge limit in Animal Crossing to get more freedom on the island customization.

How long and how wide can a bridge be in Animal Crossing? Width is the direction that the player walks over the bridge, can be either East/West, North/South, or diagonally. The width is 4-5 blocks and the length is 4 blocks. Bridges also need a 1 block wide, 4 block long space available on either side of the bridge. You can check the Animal Crossing bridge dimensions below.

bridge dimensions acnh

How to Build a Long Bridge in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

All you need are your terraforming tools, some fences and some patterns. You can add some extra items afterward but the basic construction of the bridge is simple. You need to have two points that you connect on the same level.

1. The first thing you should do is to get out your terraforming tools, create a four or five wide rectangle, and make it be as long as you want your bridge to be. If you want it to have a curve, it should be a little bit longer.

2. Once you’ve got your rectangle, set out you want to, go back to your terraforming tools, and hop on over to any path, put down the path on your bridge.

3. Go ahead and hop into the custom designs, grab any custom design you like and use it to cover on top of the original path, you can even go for different patterns together, this part is kind of where you can be creative.

4.  The next thing to do is grab some fences, go ahead and start lining up the sides of your bridge with the fences. Once you’ve put these items down, it's definitely gonna start looking like a bridge.

5.  The last part of building a bridge in Animal Crossing is to put down the water, get the water right up to the edge of both sides of the bridge and make the water go far, which makes the bridge really looks like it's going over a real river because from most perspectives you can't actually see the side of the cliff.