5 Animal Crossing New Horizons Easter Eggs Deserve to Find | ACNH Easter Eggs & Secrets You Can’t Miss

6/16/2020 5:32:26 PM

Animal Crossing is a funny and mysterious game not only because you can catch rare fish species and terraform your island, there are also a few secrets hidden in the game waiting for players to discover. If you don’t want to miss more exciting secrets, follow us to find the following Animal Crossing New Horizons Easter Eggs.

Animal Crossing Easter Eggs

5 Animal Crossing New Horizons Easter Eggs You Can't Miss

An Easter Egg in Animal Crossing refers a thing, place, item or person that is hidden or not in the game that can be funny or profitable, and related to other Nintendo games or funny things.

1. Extraterrestrial broadcast (nightmare)

The first Animal Crossing Easter Egg need to be found in the evening. The world of Animal Crossing never sleeps, if you get up in the middle of the night, you will have a chance to spot a weird Easter egg, you need meet pretty strict conditions to see it. It must at 3:33 AM on Saturday night, you must have access to a TV in the game and take a look, you can bear witness to an extraterrestrial takeover of the Animal Crossing TV station, a clearly otherworldly figure speaking in an alien language, to show you the images of their spacecraft. We reckon the aliens are peaceful.

2. Secret key on art

On the exceedingly rare occasion, the art dealer Redd visit on your island, you have the chance t buy a piece of art from his store to be placed in the museum. But there are many fake Animal Crossing art, you should take care to identify the real works. Some rip-offs are easier to spot than others, such as the copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Vitruvian Man with huge coffee stain probably isn’t the real deal, the fake version of this drawing which the game calls academic painting is easy to spot, players are very unlikely to buy it and place the item on the ground for display and certainly not likely to spin it around making this an Easter egg. When we visit their fake academic paintings, and even built a themed room in which we might examine it, something indeed stuck to the back of the fake Leonardo da Vinci’s artwork, looks like a small key attached with tape, when we think about the The Da Vinci Code, which is a 2003 mystery thriller novel by Dan Brown, this chunky key looks like it would unlock a deposit box or train station locker containing the next in a series of exciting clues. 

3. Princess Peach and Daisy

You can find a Princess Peach Easter egg in Animal Crossing New Horizons if you know where to look. The place to look is within a certain Animal Crossing item called the Tulip Surprise Box, the DIY recipe for it requires 5 Red Tulips and 3 Softwood, otherwise, you need to cost 3040 ACNH bells for buying it. Tulip Surprise Box is a cute item containing a little toy princess and a charming tune, if you customized it, you’ll find it can be tweaked into two new variants. One of them contains a beloved princess adored by millions around the world, and the other one contains Daisy.

4. Splatoon references

Catching fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons would lose lots of fun without the hilarious flavor text that accompanies every fish you catch, but there are a few fish gags likely to make players take notice. There are subtle references to Splatoon, a third-person shooter video game in which you play as Inklings, a humanoid squid-like creature appropriately, there are oblique references to be found when you snatch a squid from the ocean such as the inkling species you play as in Splatoon and the pop idol duo - Off the Hook, who deliver game news and updates in Splatoon 2.

5. Totaka's song

K.K. Slider plays a total of and 95 songs in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can hear lots of delightful music, but not all the audio in the game playing beautiful music, there is a bit of music hidden in the game that's downright weird though you could very easily miss it. For instance, Totaka's Song, a short melody can be heard throughout the Switch game, the Kazumi Totaka, a longtime Nintendo composer who served as the inspiration for K.K. Slider, if you know what to ask for you can have K.K. play you an unsettling and rhythmic tune on Saturday evenings. If you're even luckier and have finely tuned ears, you might catch an instrumental version of creepy sounding Easter egg pumping out of the Animal Crossing radio in more listenable tracks.

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