Animal Crossing New Horizons Father's Day Event Guide: Release Date, Special Items, Thank-You Dad Mug

6/17/2020 10:39:37 AM

To celebrate Father’s Day, an event for fathers drops into Animal Crossing New Horizons, as a tradition in the franchise. Follow us to check out all the details about the Animal Crossing New Horizons Father’s Day Event.

ACNH Father's Day Event Release Date

As you know, Animal Crossing celebrates holidays in the game according to the real-world calendar, and Father’s Day is no exception. Although most regions of the world regard the third Sunday of June as Father's Day, some regions have different celebration days. So unlike some other events, the day Father's Day occurs on depends on it is dependent on the language of the game and not on the country set. Check out the ACNH Father's Day Event release dates below: 

North America: Third Sunday of June (June 21st, 2020)

Japan: Third Sunday of June (June 21st, 2020)

China: Third Sunday of June (June 21st, 2020)

Europe (English/French): Third Sunday of June (June 21st, 2020)

Europe (Spanish/Italian): March 19

Animal Crossing Father's Day Gifts & Items

A new item named Thank-You Dad Mug has been added to the Nook Shopping catalog in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that allows you to tell the dad in your life how much they mean to you. From now until Jane 31, 2020, players can buy a new "Thank You Dad Mug" from Nook Shopping with 600 ACNH bells, is a simple purple mug with a pattern of tie, this little neat could be perfect in your home!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fathers Day - Thank-You Dad Mug

How to get the Thank-You Dad Mug in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

If you haven't had it yet, here are some quick steps to do so:

  • Go to the Nook stop and go to "Nook Shopping"

  • Go to "Special Goods"

  • Press L / R to switch to the "Seasonal" tab. You will find the Thank you mom mug available at 600 bells.

  • And There you go! After you buy the Thank-You Dad Mug, just wait for it to arrive in your mailbox the next day.

More details about Father's Day in Animal Crossing New Horizons specifically will be posted as it becomes available.