Where & How To Get Pearls, Scallops and Mermaid Recipes For Mermaid Furniture in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

7/3/2020 5:34:33 PM

How To Get Pearls in Animal Crossing New Horizons? How To Get Scallops and Mermaid Recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons? With the first wave of the summer update dropped into ACNH on July 2, 2020, many players want to know to get these new special summer items for mermaid-themed furniture, clothes and pearls? This Animal Crossing Diving guide is going to show everything we know so far about getting Mermaid Recipes and Pearls in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Pearls

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pearls & Mermaid Items

Animal Crossing New Horizons’ first wave of summer update introduces a new category of critters into the game: deep-sea creatures, including the scallops which are loved by Pascal, the red sea otter, you can interact once a day when you get a scallop. Diving to the sea and collecting scallops for Pascal, he will offer you a reward and some wisdom in exchange, featuring mermaid furniture DIY recipe, mermaid-themed clothes, or a Pearl. 

What Is Pearl In Animal Crossing?

Pearls will be a rare commodity that you can find in the ocean similarly to sea creatures while diving and searching the sea in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

What To Do With Pearls In ACNH?

You need Pearls to craft the particular mermaid furniture, and the new currency item is worth quite a few Animal Crossing Bells, so you might want to hold onto them. Blow is the list of Mermaid Furniture and their DIY recipes:

  • Mermaid Sofa: 1 pearl, 10 sand dollars

  • Mermaid Rug: 1 pearl, 3 sand dollars

  • Mermaid Vanity: 1 pearl, 1 giant clam, 2 coral, 2 iron nuggets

  • Mermaid Dresser: 2 pearls, 1 giant clam, 3 coral

  • Mermaid Bed: 2 pearls, 2 giant clams, 5 sand dollars

  • Mermaid Chair: 1 pearl, 2 giant clams, 2 sand dollars

  • Mermaid Lamp: 1 pearl, 3 conch, 2 coral, 2 iron nuggets

  • Mermaid Shelf: 1 pearl, 1 giant clam, 4 coral

  • Mermaid Wall Clock: 1 pearl, 3 sea snails, 2 coral, 2 iron nuggets

  • Mermaid Screen: 2 pearls, 3 giant clams, 5 sand dollars

  • Mermaid Closet: 2 pearls, 1 giant clam, 2 coral, 5 sand dollars

  • Mermaid Table: 1 pearl, 4 sand dollars

  • Mermaid Flooring: 2 pearls, 5 sand dollars, 5 stones

  • Mermaid Wall: 2 pearls, 2 sea snails, 2 sand dollars, 2 coral, 2 giant clams

How To Get Mermaid DIY Recipe?

In ACNH, you only can get Mermaid DIY Recipe from Pascal:

  • Step 1 - Go to diving and find a Scallop, Pascal the red otter will show up

  • Step 2 - Keep diving and find more scallops to give Pascal

  • Step 3 - Pascal will give you back mermaid DIY recipes.

Where and How To Find Pearls In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

So to craft all these 13 mermaid items, you need at least 20 pearls, while and they're a little hard to find. Them how to get pearls in Animal Crossing? There are two ways to locate them, and unfortunately both methods are a bit difficult and time consuming, so you find yourself spending some time trying to locate them while swimming around your island.

  • Method 1 - Receive Pearls from Pascal

How to do? Finding a scallop and getting Pascal to appear, find more scallop to give him, he’s willing to give you either Mermaid DIY recipes or a Pearl for them.

Tips: It will be a random fall, however. Traditionally, Pascal offers you one of the rarest mermaid Animal Crossing New Horizons items you can find in the summer update, which means that you miss something when you receive a pearl. However, due to the other method of supposedly locating a pearl, this could be a decent alternative. Remember that Pascal only appears once a day, so if you want him to appear several times, you will want to travel back in time.

  • Method 2 - Dive Into the Sea To Find Pearls

How to do? When you see bubbles (shadows), swimming near to it then diving into the sea, and pick up the item. Pearls are one of the things you can catch while searching for deep-sea creatures, but they are not considered to be a critter.

Tips: A pearl is a random appearance among the many that you can find in the sea, so you won't always find it by diving, and we can't seem to find a sure way to determine if a black spot on the ocean floor is a pearl or not. You can find yourself looking for them and looking for them only to exchange a scallop to Pascal to receive your first pearl.

To farm pearls, you need to get know how to get scallops and how to diving in ACNH, otherwise, everything is on paper.

How To Catch Scallops & Sea Creatures In ACNH? 

Diving is the only way of capturing scallops, similar to all sea creatures, it is also indicated by a circular shadow:

  • Step 1 - Jump into the sea

  • Step 2 - Look for Bubbles

  • Step 3 - Swim near to the shadow

  • Step 4 - Diving into the sea

  • Step 5 - Pick up the item, it would be scallops, pearl or other Sea Creatures

No matter collect scallop for exchange pearls from Pascal or find pearls in sea, you should learn diving first.

How To Do Diving In Sea In Animal Crossing?

  • 1. Before that is possible, you first have to buy a bathing suit or diving suit.

  • 2. Once you get your Wet Suit, equip it.

  • 3. Head over to the ocean and press A to dive right in. 

  • 4. Once you’re in the water, you can swim around fairly freely by pressing A more.

How to get the wetsuit: There are two ways to get them. On the one hand you can go to Nooks shop and buy a swimsuit for 3000 bells. It also has a different color every day.

But if you prefer to swim in the Nook design, then a look at the NookPortal is worthwhile. There you can buy a suit in turquoise gray for 800 nook miles. Please note that ordering via the NookPortal takes one day. You will only be able to wear the diving suit the next day.

How to get the diving goggles and snorkels: For diving, no other tool than the suit is necessary. However, you can also put on diving goggles and snorkels. You can get this from Nintendo completely free of charge. Go to your mailbox after downloading the update. So far, the colors red, blue and yellow are known.

So you should get know how to collect pearls, scallop, and mermaid DIY recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons in-game by yourself. Remember that there is no optimal way to find Pearls in ACNH at the moment, all you can do is search for deep-sea creatures as often as you can, and you will eventually find some Pearls. But you should keep in mind, it would take some time to collect enough. So if you don’t have much time to waste on this, but do love the mermaid items, welcome to buy cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items and Bells on MTMMO.COM!