Animal Crossing New Horizons: Changes To Meteor Showers, Celeste Spawn Rates And Shooting Stars

7/21/2020 5:10:22 PM

The summer update was released for New Horizons a couple of weeks ago, it not only added a whole bunch of new content such as swimming and diving but also made lots of changes to the shooting stars, the weather and special characters spawn such as Celeste. Now there's always a lot of questions surrounding meteor showers and how often they occur, so we could look specifically at how both Celeste and the meteor showers work in more detail since the update. Here’s all the changes to Celeste and the meteor showers in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

changes to meteor showers in ACNH

Animal Crossing New Horizons Changes To Meteor Showers Revealed

There are two types of meteor showers that can occur in Animal Crossing New Horizons. One is a heavy shower and the other is a light shower:

  • Heavy Showers: They are more often than not constant shooting stars. During a heavy shower, you'll see anywhere between five and eight shooting stars every minute from 7 p.m. through to 4 a.m. the following morning, you're too well to miss this event happening if you're playing during those hours.

  • Light Showers: The light showers on the other hand are more common. However, you generally only see bursts of 5 shooting stars at a time a couple of times an hour, so obviously these are very easy to miss if you're busy terraforming or going about your daily rounds. 

Take a look at the Animal Crossing New Horizons meteor shower time:

Animal Crossing New Horizons meteor shower time

The majority of players get several meteor showers every month, this is a typical example taken from MeteorNuke and as you can see on average there's one heavy shower and eight light showers each month with some months seeing more and of course other seeing less. The meteor shower patterns are unique to each players island, so you can try the meteor nuke tool if you want to know exactly when your showers will be.

Changes: During the summer updates, some of the weather types have been adjusted and shooting stars can now also appear during hours where our skies aren't completely clear, so before if you had a meteor shower but one or more of the were slightly cloudy stars wouldn't spawn and we've miss out. Now since version 1.3 we will encounter shooting stars even if there are clouds in the sky, which means there's way more opportunities during showers especially light showers to see more stars, this means more wishes can be made and more star fragments can be earned. 

Check the Animal Crossing New Horizons shooting star time:

ACNH shooting star time

How Celeste Spawns & When Does Celeste Visit Your Island

Celeste is unlike all the other special characters and although predetermined at the start of the week, her visits are completely random in short, she can visit any day of the week. Unless there's a cake, a slider concert, so she'll only appear on Saturdays if KK sliders concert has been moved to Sundays due to fishing or bug catching tour needs. Although on average you can expect several light showers every month, we're not guaranteed a meteor shower every week. So for this reason, Celeste isn't guaranteed to visit every week either. However, Celeste only visits when there is a meteor shower. So if you see Celeste wandering around your island you have a guaranteed meteor shower. 

Is it possible to have meteor shower without Celeste? Yes, you can have meteor showers without Celeste visiting, this is because it's entirely possible to have two, three or four light meteor showers in a given week if you're really lucky. In this instance, Celeste will only visit during one random shower. If you have both a heavy shower and a light shower in the same week, Celeste will favor the heavy shower for some reason, so if you have a light meteor shower on a Tuesday but you can't find Celeste anywhere, you're guaranteed another meteor shower later that week and that's the one she'll visit. Furthermore, you can ignore all other special characters when it comes to Celeste visiting, because he doesn't follow the same rules other than KK slider, Celeste can't visit at the same time as all other characters. It's even possible to see a special character Celeste and wisp all in the same day.

Can Celeste come without meteor shower? There's always either a heavy or light shower when Celeste is visiting, but she'll never visit without a shower. Weather changes now mean will often see more shooting stars during showers and it's entirely possible to have Celeste visit when you already have another special character visiting. 

So very similar to how it worked previously but with some nice little adjustments. The key thing to take away from this is that if you can't find Celeste, make sure you look everywhere even behind cliffs and the back of your map, and if you still can't find her then you can expect another shower later in the week and that's the once you'll visit.