Animal Crossing New Horizons Bans & Deletions Of Dream Addresses - How To Prevent Getting Banned In ACNH

8/3/2020 5:09:04 PM

Ever since the new 1.4 update with dream addresses, countless Animal Crossing fans have gotten their dream addresses banned and deleted from online servers. There's a ton of fear out there, so we bring the awesome tips and tricks tutorial covering everything you need to know about preventing bans on Animal Crossing services, and we are going to present you 5 ways in order to make sure that your dream address does not get flagged.

prevent getting banned in ACNH dream address

What Are Dream Addresses 

  • As soon as you jump into any bed within your house you click on “yeah, I want to sleep". 

  • Then you're going to be greeted with Luna. 

  • You can go forward, you can click on “I want to dream”, you can enter anyone's dream address simply by having that code.

  • And then you're going to be able to visit the dream island.

  • Anything that happens within the dream stays within that dream outside of taking particular custom designs that they have made. So you can just enter any kind of dream code and then you can go off and visit them again. The only thing that you could take out of it is going to be their custom designs. 

So anyway, other than that you can click on about the dream you shared and then you can upload your save state right now of what your dream address looks like and what your entire town is. So all your friends can come over there. You can delete the dream, you can make it private if you wanted to. The only way that you are going to get to a dream address is if you input the code, Nintendo's not going to promote your dream address to anyone, there's no online marketplace, so the only way that someone can actually visit your town via dream is if they have your code. 

Bans & Deletions Of Dream Addresses 

There's a lot of fear and a lot of confusion happening in the Animal Crossing community about what exactly is a ban Vs what is a deleted dream address like what's going to happen when you upload your dream address right. Nintendo is now taking an "aggressive" approach towards players who share islands containing any sign of "cheating" or "hacking" by deleting the dream upload.

Bans & Deletions Of Dream Addresses

As a result of this, players violating the game's user agreement have been receiving emails such as the one above from Nintendo. One player who received a message like this thinks they were banned due to their island featuring Star Fragment Trees. Other players are posting on social media how they have received the same message.

While dreams can be reported, there's no way at the moment to appeal the decision if your island is deleted from this part of the game - and noticeably, Nintendo says the decision is final.

5 Ways To Prevent Getting Banned In Animal Crossing New Horizons 

Remove All Hacked Items

The first tip is removing all sorts of hacked items from your town. Now that can totally mean a lot of different things. Any kind of hacked item in the game such as star trees or anything that grows on top of trees, you want to make sure that you get rid of those either by chopping them down, uprooting them completely and trashing them, sell them to Timmy and Tommy. If you have any of the camo items within the game, make sure you get rid of those as well. Anything that's not supposed to be in there I would take it a step further and take a look inside your inventory within the game or your storage, just to make sure that there's nothing else floating around over here 

2. Remove All Advertising Text

In order to prevent you from getting banned online is going to be removing any kinds of traces within text within the game that have advertising or self promotion. There's two things that I'm going to be naming. The first one is going to be any of your in-game residences names. The second is going to be taking a look at your passport. Your passport in case you didn't know you can actually change up what your character says when people come on over and they talk to your character in a dream island, that's exactly a thing some people like to think that people are banning people online because they're getting reported, but that's not the case especially when it comes to hacked items. Nintendo has the wide scan that's going to scan that stuff. But anyway with this you can press the A button and then you can absolutely comment whatever you want on there, now keep it clean and then don't self-promote.

3. Remove All Advertising Designs

The third tip to prevent getting banned in ACNH dream island is to remove all traces of advertising and self-promotion in your in-game designs. Make some sort of design on a pattern that would promote something outside of anything like that let you figure that one on your own but nonetheless as you are out here make sure that all of your qr code patterns and everything like that are going to be super safe especially if you're displaying them. I've got tons of them, some of them may be self-promoting but anyway custom designs that's really where it's at, some of you may have some custom designs that promote something and if you have your dream address that has the little kiosk out there and you're sharing your designs, just be careful about that and potentially think about removing them.

4. Remove All Inappropriate Content 

Making sure that you don't get banned from online is going to be an obvious one. But sometimes people need it spelled out definitely prevent any kinds of inappropriate content within the game. You can say that any kind of hate speech, any kind of adult themes or anything that threatens other safety is absolutely construed as inappropriate, there's a fine line and it's subjective, but you have to think about it from Nintendo's point of view. If another person saw this in your island would they necessarily get offended? Some of you might say no, one's gonna get offended by having like a bar or alcoholic themes in my town or bloodstains on the ground, but you wanna think about it that way. So anyway it's all subjective.

5. Don’t Upload Your Dream Address

The last tip that we're going to give you in order to make sure that you don't get banned from online gameplay is as simple as this, just don't upload your dream address as simple as that sound that's exactly it. So the moment that you upload your dream address you are going to be put under a microscope by Nintendo based on how they want you to play the game. If you don't do that you're simply you have simple free reign to do anything you want on your island like it was before 1.4. If you want to make a horror themed island, feel free to do so. That's awesome invite people over manually versus having the dream address option, just keep it on your own it's as simple.