ACNH September Updates - New Events, Items, Villagers, Creatures & Features In Animal Crossing New Horizons Autumn (Fall) Update

9/1/2020 3:22:04 AM

Another new month of Animal Crossing New Horizons is about to hit, as we enter the Autumn season of ACNH with the September updates which will be full of plenty a vary of new content. Here we are looking at all the new events, new items, new DIY Recipes, new fish, new bugs, new deep, new sea creatures, and the new updates hit over the next 30 days. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons September Events

  • 1. Labor Day - September 2nd

  • 2. Grass Day (Japanese version only)  - September 3rd

  • 3. Autumn Moon - September 19th

  • 4. Bug-Off - September 19th

ACNH September New Seasonal Items & DIY Recipes

  • 1. Tree's Bounty Little Tree DIY Recipes & Themed Items

Availability Tine: September 1 - December 10 (Northern Hemisphere)

Where To Get: Buy From Tom Nook 

Collect these DIY Recipes to complete the Tree's Bounty Series Furnitures: Yellow-Leaf Pile, Pile of Leaves, Leaf Campfire, Traditional Balancing Toy, Tree's Bounty Lamp, Tree's Bounty Little Tree, Pine Bonsai Tree, Tree's Bounty Mobile, Acorn Pochette

  • 2. Grape Harvest Basket On Nook Shop

The Grape Harvest Basket will be available during the month of September for "Grape Harvest Festival" which is celebrated in many parts of the world (predominantly the United States and Europe) that makes wine and other yummy foods, and beverages made with grapes. 

  • 3. Moon Rugs

Moon rugs will available between September 7th to October 9th for "Moon-Viewing Day" which is celebrated in many parts of Southeast Asia as a harvest festival and family reunion.

Animal Crossing New Horizons New Villagers

1. Brewster - Museum Coffee Saler

The coffee-brewing pigeon Brewster is a character who serves coffee to players and villagers in The Roost all hours of the day in the lower floor of the museum or in his own shop. Brewster will arrive in the museum this fall update in September. Now the upper floor previously was blocked off and that unlocked once Red's art gallery was opened up, so Brewster would most likely be off one of these side halls or down below there is a staircase in the one of the rooms down there. 

2. Katrina - Fortune Teller

Katrina is the one of the most interesting and unique character in in every single installment of the Animal Crossing franchise from the Japan exclusive Animal Forest to spin-off games like Happy Home Designer and Pocket Camp. She is a fortune teller that comes to the villager's town in order to read their future and tell the player the kind of luck they'll be having and, if necessary, how to improve that luck. It is rumored that Katrina will be back to the game in the fall update. 

Animal Crossing New Horiozns September New Bugs, Fishes & Sea Creatures

Here’s a full list of new fish, bug and sea creature coming in September for both Northern and Southern Hemisphere:

1. ACNH September Bugs

ACNH Northern Hemisphere New Bugs In September
Common butterflyFlying4am – 7pm
Yellow butterflyFlying4am – 7pm
Monarch butterflyFlying4am – 5pm
CricketOn the ground5pm – 8am
Bell cricketOn the ground5pm – 8am
Red dragonflyFlying8am – 7pm
Violin beetleOn tree stumpsAll day
Pill bugHitting rocks11pm – 4pm
CentipedeHitting rocks4pm – 11pm

ACNH Southern Hemisphere New Bugs In September
Yellow butterflyFlying4am – 7pm
Tiger butterflyFlying4am – 7pm
Peacock butterflyFlying by hybrid flowers4am – 7pm
MantisOn flowers8am – 5pm
Orchid mantisOn white flowers8am – 5pm
HoneybeeFlying8am – 5pm
StinkbugOn flowersAll day
Man-faced stink bugOn flowers7pm – 8am
LadybugOn flowers8am – 5pm

2. ACNH September Fishes

ACNH September New Fishes (Northern Hemisphere)  
PikeRiverAll day
Cherry salmonRiver (Clifftop) Pond4pm – 9am
CharRiver (Clifftop) Pond4pm – 9am
Golden troutRiver (Clifftop)4pm – 9am
SalmonRiver (Mouth)All day
King salmonRiver (Mouth)All day
Mitten crabRiver4pm – 9am
SturgeonRiver (Mouth)All day

ACNH September New Fishes (Southern Hemisphere) 
TadpolePondAll day
LoachRiverAll day
Cherry salmonRiver (Clifftop) Pond4pm – 9am
CharRiver (Clifftop) Pond4pm – 9am
Golden troutRiver (Clifftop)4pm – 9am
Barred knifejawSeaAll day

3. ACNH September Sea Creatures

ACNH September New Creatures (Northern Hemisphere) 
NameSwimming SpeedTiming
Chambered nautilusSlow4pm – 9am
Turban shellSlowAll day
OysterModerate short lungesAll day
Umbrella octopusQuick short lungesAll day
Sweet shrimpSlow4pm – 9am

ACNH September New Creatures (Southern Hemisphere) 
NameSwimming SpeedTiming
Chambered nautilusSlow4pm – 9am
Turban shellSlowAll day
Spider crabQuickAll day
Firefly squidSlowAll day
Umbrella octopusQuick short lungesAll day
Chambered nautilusSlow4pm – 9am