ACNH Fall Designs - Autumn (Halloween) Path & Cloth Custom Design Codes In Animal Crossing New Horizons

9/8/2020 11:18:07 AM

If you want your Animal Crossing New Horizons island to be full of autumn flavor and beauty, use these unparalleled ACNH Fall custom design codes to decorate your town now, featuring a variety of autumn paths, clothes, and floor patterns.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Path Designs

The autumn wind is blowing, and fallen leaves and flowers have begun to cover the path and the ground. Thanks to the Youtuber Tania - Heath Horizons, who brings the following creative ACNH Fall & Halloween Paths Designs will bring you good inspiration in her video:

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ACNH Fall Path Custom Design Codes

ACNH Fall Stone Paths

  • Cobblestone with maple leaves – MA-3770-1203-0865 by @berrybadnado

  • ACNH Halloween Paths:

  • Trick or treat dirt path – MA-3916-5651-0119 by @mikewazowskyzhp

  • Purple Halloween path – MA-7336-1581-4501 by @onigiri_shina

  • Ghost and Jack-o-lantern path additions – MA-4970-4754-4795 by @choco_mint_ts

ACNH Autumn Dirt Paths

  • Light dirt path with fall leaves – MA-8009-4859-2960 by @mom50051950

  • Light dirt path with red and orange leaves – MA-7899-5331-7000

  • Light dirt path with acorns, leaves and mushrooms – MA-6966-2098-7429 by @chiiilv_v

  • Medium tone worn dirt path with fall leaves – MA-3405-0978-0777 by @shun20x6

  • Medium tone dirt path with flowers and multi-tone sparkles – MA-5761-5187-4060

  • Dark dirt path with blue flowers and orange leaves – MA-3931-8512-1700 by @kanda_em

  • Dark dirt path with small light flowers – MA-6273-0030-3487 by @Fairune_

  • Black path with green leaves – MA-3883-0288-9420

ACNH Fall Mushroom Dirt Paths

  • Dark dirt path with small mushrooms – MA-6888-3092-7029 by @AstralACNH

  • Light dirt path with red mushrooms and pumpkins (many variations) – MA-5313-4249-9007 by @CraterCrossing

  • Dark dirt path with purple mushrooms and pumpkins (many variations) – MA-5313-4249-9007 by @CraterCrossing

  • Gray dirt path with pumpkins, mushrooms and flowers – MA-1129-5079-1464 by @l3__3lzzz

ACNH Halloween Eerie/Creepy Paths

  • Dirt path with bones – MA-3661-3687-4767 by @witch_mote

  • Eyeball path – MA-8318-3859-8339

  • Eerie fairy path – MA-1368-5516-4246 by @rose_yvespiaget

  • Black pond path – MA-1378-6487-0934 by @mutsumori167cm

  • Dark blue pond path – MA-1378-6487-0934 by @mutsumori167cm

ACNH Wildcard Path

  • Light green grass path – MA-5960-3879-4209 by @ruchereche

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Outfit & Cloth Design Codes

In addition to your islands and houses that need to be dressed in autumn, to enjoy the cozy fall weather, of course, you should put on a new outfit with autumn patterns. If you are planning to make some beautiful fall clothes for yourself or put autumn patterns on your ACNH furniture, the Freya Holly video shows a wealth of ACNH cloth custom designs for your reference, then you will don't need waste your Animal Crossing Bells for buying from Nook shop.

ACNH Fall Clothes Custom Design Codes

  • Autumn leaves - MO-0F2F-NJG8-DD4W - Creator: Alicia Sunset

  • Autumn leaves 3 - MO-0F2F-NJG8-DD4W - Creator: ame tapioca

  • Mushies - Mo-018P-YBR5-TYF0 - Creator: Lori Yumejima

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