Impressions of the Phantasy Star Online 2(2020)- Is It Worth Playing?

9/9/2020 4:09:32 PM

Phatasy Star Online 2 is a Japanese sci-fi instanced mmo light style game that initially released in Japan in 2012. Finally, it getting a western steam release as of August 2020. This game is free to play developed by sega. Additionally, it was recently announced that this game will go through a massive visual overhaul in 2021 with its next expansion: new genesis. 

1. Create A Character

First thing we're gonna do is create a character, select a race and gender. Six different classes: the hunter, the ranger, force, braver, bouncer and the summoner. But a lot of people recommend bouncer as a very fun class you get a jet pack and dual wielded swords, 10 different starting presets when it comes to the character customization. You can have female hairstyles as a guy in this game if you want to. There are so many options, you can have a super skinny character or you can have a super fat character also. There are 13 different choices for starter outfits for bouncer, it can change starting outfit color as well. The game has given so many choices when it comes to accessories, hats and outfit types right off the bat. 

2. Mission Games

Enter the game, the running and movement is very fast. Press shift it changes the abilities in the middle of screen to photon arts which are supposed to be finishing moves combat seems well designed. We've got a monkey, alien to fight. The combat feels really solid. This jetpack thing is so cool. To dodge you just press the movement key twice. Basic attacks recharge pp and then photon attacks spend pp time. Then time for the first boss. Pop some big damage on him, then there are giant robotic spider monsters coming out the floor. It's a pretty cool opener just using jetpack and flying into things. This is boss number two: giant monsters. Need to take out the legs or something first. He summoned a giant unicorn robot. This class comes with three different weapons number one the jet boots, number two the sawing blades, and number three the gun blade. Each weapon has six abilities, you've got three weapons so that's access to 18 different abilities at once. IF you want to level up quickly, do higher level content with big groups.

3. IN-Game Casino

let's explore some other areas of the game if you are a little bit bored of the missions. These three lifts take me to the shopping plaza let's check it out. Here can enhance gear from zero to plus six. This game has an in-game casino and cost coins to play interesting games. If you win, you also can earn a lot extra coins. Lose the game, then lost the coins.

4. Tundra Exploration

Let’s take on Tundra exploration. A bit of relaxing fishing in the snowy Tundra. Because it's spring onions ouch so you can gather things like three times in each spot and then you deplete the resource. Fever gathering feels kind of fun in this game lots of flashy stuff pops up. Every time you gather kills for the monster 3800 xp just for gathering is insane xp in this game. Then it’s the final boss of this area. Tips: How to kill boss in this game? Attack its back legs.

5. Impressions of PSO2

The combat seems amazing and enjoyed the boss fights where you need to focus the weak points to bring them down. The casino area is a nice place to take a break from the standard gameplay of missions. The game has a unique theme and aesthetic that fans of both anime and sci-fi will probably enjoy. The game has some really cool crossover events with other well-known ips such as Persona, Nier Automata Monster Hunter and so on. The game is getting a big overhaul with PSO2 new genesis next year which based on the trailer looks like it's going to make the game look much more up to date. Unlike many other games of this style, you encounter and play with other players very quickly and the game is free to play on steam depending on your country. 

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