Phantasy Star Online 2 - New Player's Guide

9/14/2020 2:35:06 PM

Phantasy Star Online 2 - New Player's Guide

Welcome to the world of PSO2!

This page will explain some basic knowledge and precautions to newcomers who have just contacted the game.

It is recommended to have a general understanding of the whole game before starting the game.

If you have a certain level of Japanese, please also refer to the official website guide and in-game help.

Besides, this page is only some suggestions and reminders, please choose to read according to your actual situation.

1) About charging fees

The charging method of PSO2 is free, which is often called the props charging system.

Even if you don't recharge, you won't have any restrictions on the game content. Even if you recharge, you can't directly improve your equipment level.

Recharge items are mainly fashion items and functional props. When you need to recharge, you can decide according to your actual situation.

Also, the game's functional props プミミアムセトトムセトト (commonly known as VIP) can bring a lot of convenient functions. To some extent, it is necessary to regard the game as a monthly card charging system.

2) Choosing Ships

After entering the game, you need to select one of the 10 ships (servers).

The data between the servers is not interoperable. If you need to transfer the server, you need to purchase a charged service. Make a careful decision before choosing.

There is no difference in the content of each ship's game, some are just different players.

3) Creating roles

First of all, you need to create a player ID, which is equivalent to your services nickname, which can't be modified once it is decided. (you need to purchase a charged service for modification, and it can only be modified once)

Next, you need to create roles. You can adjust the race, gender, and appearance of the characters. Once the race and gender are changed, the service needs to be changed. Try to adjust your role to a satisfactory state before entering the game.

In PSO2, the ability value of race is very small, and there is no content limited by race, which can be determined according to one's preference.

Finally, you need to create a role name. The role name changes according to the role and cannot be modified after the decision. (modification requires the purchase of charged services).

4) Choosing a career

At the beginning of the game, you can choose 5 professions:

    Hunter, abbreviated as HU, is a kind of attack class that uses melee weapons and is good at close combat.

    Ranger, referred to as RA, is a shooting profession that uses shooting weapons and is good at medium and long-distance combat

    Force, or FO for short, is a kind of spell attack class that uses a magic weapon. It is good at using magic

    Braver, abbreviated as BR, is a mixed type of attack/shooting class, which can be used in near and far battles

    Bouncer, abbreviated as BO, is a compound occupation with a mixture of hitting and hitting, with high mobility

In the game, you can change your occupation for free, so choosing which occupation does not affect the game.

At the end of the course, you can go to the career counter to change to another three advanced occupations (after EP3, the derived professions are independent and can be selected directly)

Fighter referred to as FI, is a branch class of HU, which uses close combat weapons. Weapons are more flexible than Hu

    Gunner, referred to as GU, is a branch of RA, which uses shooting weapons. Unlike RA's medium and long-range combat, Gu is better at medium and short-range combat and requires certain operation skills.

    Techter referred to as TE, is a branch of FO. Compared with the attack specialization of FO, TE emphasizes the auxiliary role more.

For the characteristics of each profession, please refer to each occupation page.

Now you can start the game!

After the preliminary preparation, the preface of Episode 1, i.e. tutorial, will be automatically started.

If you have a certain level of Japanese Foundation, try to read the tutorial in the game carefully. Don't skip it. You can understand the basic operation and key points in the game (such as JA)

After the course, you will enter the arks Hall.

As you enter the hall, the arks road will start automatically. Arks road will introduce some basic facilities and usage methods in the hall. If you don't know what to do, follow the directions of the arks road first.

To liberate tasks and new areas, we should try our best to complete the entrusted tasks, and the experience value obtained can also be upgraded rapidly.

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