PSO2 9 Class's Worth As A Subclass - Hunter,Fighter,Summoner And More

9/15/2020 5:00:21 PM


In Phantasy Star Online 2 there is a subclass meta. One that you're probably blindly following. One that we all have been following.  One that is intuitive but not fair. One that requires us to look deep at what each class offers for damage modifiers and added utility before considering whether to use it as a sub or not. Here we go and see what every classe in PSO2 offers as a subclass.

1. Hunter

The tried and true hunter. What makes this so universally desired is the fact that it gives lots of unconditional melee and range damage. Through fury stance, additional perfect attack bonuses and iron will which can save you from an otherwise lethal hit. Automate which uses a mate item with no animation when your health drops below 50%. The active buff hunter physique which gives you up to a 25% damage reduction. It stops you from being knocked back for its duration. Lastly, the flash guards that get more damage reduction. Keep in mind that everything that was mentioned can be used in fury stance.

2. Fighter

Next is the fighter and this one offers a lot of damage to its two stances. It gets access to even more damage and some pp cost reduction through its perfect attack bonuses. But at the cost of requiring you to be perfect attacking different pass back to back to maintain them. Nonetheless, this gives across the board damage. Any class can make use of this one as a sub. because it has no safety nets as in no added survivability. It's not always recommended to use when you have the option to use a hunter sub instead.

3. Summoner

The summoner which gives unconditional and across-the-board damage multipliers to his all-attack bonuses. Up to plus 200 power to all powers, it has passive 7.5 percent hp regen every 5 seconds when maxing hp restorate. And summoner's mark which gives you a personal damage to a spot you mark. Though the mark can be a little finicky at times, it's still pretty nice to have. Lastly, a summoner sub would give you access to tax. If your class has more mobility you could now use safoy zero to get around.  Instead of using as many made items to heal, you could instead tap megaverse or use rest of the heal instead and so on.

4. Braver

The two dexmad classes can be somewhat controversial, when talking about them as subclasses. Maybe that's because many don't completely understand how they actually work. The first of which being braver only offers average additional damage to their stances. Basic stance is very similar to hunter's fury stance as it gives unconditional damage. There's precision stance that gives a bit more than basic stance, but requires you to either be hitting a weak spot or using the proper elemental technique that corresponds with your enemy's elemental weakness. Besides, all braver really offers is quick mate to use mates faster which is actually pretty nice but there's a ring that does the same thing. Perfect recovery heal for one point will heal you for 10 of your hp when performing a perfect recovery. Lastly, you can use their dexmag skill as a subclass. If you only have a dexmag it would still convert melee and ranged power for you.

5. Bouncer

The second controversial sub would be the bouncer. It has a bunch of quality of life and benefits in tree and fields. Shift to air attack, D band pp restorate, heel shearing as well as being able to convert a dexmag into melee and tech power. After that its stances are generally very dependent on bouncer specific weapons. Break stance is very nice against breakable parts. Once they are broken, unless you are using soaring blades it will become useless. The elemental stance can actually be paired pretty well with casters since they can use whatever element whenever. Ian teckers as they can change their element on the fly with a ring. It’s similar to how jetboots change their element on bouncer. However elemental stance's damage is rather low compared to what you could get out of a fighter sub. If you wanted a sub that can cast text then you might as well go summoner. It offers similar multipliers as elemental stance but has no conditions. Lastly, bouncer also offers no protections as a sub either.

6. Ranger

The ranger itself grants a bit of range damage when up close and far away as well as a bit of ed damage on weak spots. On top of that you still get access to the grenades and traps which are good for pp regen and sometimes some cc. Lastly, you will still have access to blight rounds as a sub too. However, you must still swap to a rifle when using this. At the end of the day a ranger sub boasts very big potential damage. When it comes to practicality it's not always worth the effort to simply maintain your blight rounds for that big damage. Blight rounds can still be extremely valuable to a group in any setting.


Here's gunner and all this class offers as a sub is a little bit of range damage whenever 75 hp. Additional pp regen per hit with attack pp restaurant and then some more range damage when you are close to enemies. Outside of gunner itself, the point-blank s really won't see much use.


The tech classes start with the techter and it should first be noted that most of its sought after skills. For its buffs are only usable as a main class. Its elemental mastery multipliers only really benefit a caster like the force. After that though it still does offer a few nice things you can use like pp restaurant and pp conversion. In the option to take tech charge perfect attack addition on attacker sub rather than needing to take it on a forced main class. All in all though if you want to use a techter as a sub to anything besides the force, you might want to consider using a summoner sub instead as they still get access to texts. Once reaching late game there are plenty of other techter mains to handle the buffing, grouping and zen versing.

9.  Force

Our last class we have the force. Just like the techter, it offers as a Sub. Things that would benefit casters such as its elemental mastery, multipliers, photon flare, advanced tech charge and charge pp revival. That being said the only class that could really make use of any of that would either be a hybrid caster techter build or a pure casting jet boot bouncer. If you wanted to do either of those you might want to just use a fighter or summon your sub instead for the reasons we mentioned previously. Using a 4 sub 2 attacker does open up the use of other elements including the very powerful lightning texts. As far as the scion classes they can be used as subclasses. They are extremely great subs.

Furthermore, Phantasy Star Online 2 is not difficult and you could do just fine with just about any combination if you really want to. It's just that some things become the meta for a good reason. Buy cheap PSO2 Meseta from MTMMO.COM, We offer you the best service, lowest price and 100% safe transaction.


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