Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - Updates For An Amazing Open World

9/27/2020 7:01:31 PM


Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has released a stream a few days ago. People are highly interested in the update  PSO2: New Genesis. People are worried about the Combat in PSO2. Are they wondering whether the newly released version worth playing? Back to the point, the majority of this article will be covering details of update Phantasy Star Online 2 combat.

Super Amazing Hub Area In Open World Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis


The main driving force of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is an open world where each region slash zone and limited to eight players. You won't have the problem of everyone fighting over the same mobs. Because when you enter a zone you'll automatically be put into semi instant, most important is that there's no loading screen anymore. There are so amazing and magnificent graphics. Such as the wide and big plain with blue sky and white clouds, the mysterious fairyland forest, the beautiful sunset with the pinky sky and the magical sparkling forest during nightfall.

Shops from Phantasy Star that translated all the Japanese into English. There are no loading screens anymore and even when you're exploring the field. You might meet up with friends or randoms and you can invite them to join a party, or go kill some mobs together, or you prefer to solo. This is the first scene of combat in-game is so gorgeous. Here they're showcasing the different dynamic weather as well as the night and day cycle. On the bottom right of the minimap, there's a little cycle that tells you like what time it is right now. It's a little bit similar to like black desert.   There's in-game time so you can't just go in and choose the time now.  Dynamic weather here is so beautiful with the thunderstorms and other beautiful stuff waiting for you to explore.


Showcasing the ability to sprint. Mobility is important here since it's an open world. You just need to dash once and you'll start sprinting. When you're sprinting you can double jump. So, goodbye the days of us spamming morning Mishriver to get around the map super fast. It also doesn't take up stamina or pp.

Showing off the glide. The glide is also amazing as the sprint. It saves a lot of time instead of running across the fields. You can choose run to all the zones, and every zone is connected if you don't want to use fast travel you could technically run across all the different fields.


New Updates in the Phantasy Star Online 2 – Ranger, Force and Hunter

The Hunter

This is basically a beginner class. In New Genesis don't have perfect attacks anymore which made the game a little bit difficult. When smashing auto-attack button and there's no red circle no indication. Instead pseudo combo system it's whenever you deal your fifth attack will deal additional damage. Instead, they're adding different ways to incentivize people who want to try hard to be able to maximize their damage. However, this will be a welcome change for a lot of the newer players which are not used to this type of battle system.

The Ranger

Pay attention, the damage of the ranger in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is based off distance. You have to maintain a specific distance to deal the maximum damage. If too close or too far from the boss, you won't be dealing with ideal damage. Another welcomed mobility thing is you can now spam sliding shot at no pp cost. Now you can get a lot more ability to move around. It's a lot more fluid and has better game experience.

The Force

Different abilities in PSO2 force class: Fiore is basically fireball. If you do a charge up version can cause an explosion directly under the boss. So you don't have any travel distance with your fireball. Two different variants of skills: regular spam auto-attack. a special charged ability: Ice bolt. If you attack a certain boss enough you stack these ice shards on them. When it's fully charged you attack again you will deal additional damage.

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