Animal Crossing New Horizosn Fall 1.5 Update - Halloween Event, Pumpkin and DIY items, All New Items To Collect

9/30/2020 4:09:23 PM

Halloween arrives in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the ACNH Fall update from September 30, 2020 to version 1.5.0! In October, we look forward to pumpkins and related DIY items, Halloween costumes, body paints, colored eyes, a free ring-con, and much more new ACNH items.

ACNH Fall Update New Items - Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Items

Planting Pumpkins: Pumpkin starts are available in the game all year round from Leif or in October in Nook's shop. Once planted, once they're big enough, they can be harvested and used for pumpkin-inspired crafting instructions.

Halloween Preparations: The pumpkins are only the prelude to the upcoming Halloween celebrations. In order to be well prepared for the scariest day of the year, players should: Stock up on the inside with candies early on. From October you can buy a suitable costume from Tommy and Timmy, such as a witch dress or a mummy costume. There are also body paints and colored contact lenses in exchange for nook miles. And if you want to decorate your house or island thematically, you should speak to your animal residents: They distribute various Halloween craft recipes.

  • Candy: You can now buy all kinds of new items in Nook's shop with Animal Crossing bells, and of course, candies and lollipops cannot be missing on Halloween.

  • New costumes: Who wants to slurp around in sweatpants on Halloween? In proper style, you can throw yourself into all kinds of scary costumes and teach your islanders and friends to fear.

  • New Body Paint & Eye Colors: you can redeem new body paints (blue, purple, white, green skin tones) and eye colors for Halloween makeups with 2,400 Nook Miles at Nook Stop in Resident Services. 

Halloween Event: The Halloween celebrations begin on October 31st from 5:00 p.m. Then all the islanders gather on the festively decorated fairground for the occasion. The players also get a visit from a mysterious guest: Jack, the self-proclaimed “the Reigning Czar of Halloween”. Those who give him lollipops and candies receive thematically appropriate rewards. It's also worth saving candy for your neighbors to protect yourself from their Halloween pranks. Animal Crossing fans can learn new reactions to express fear and horror properly.

Overview of dream favorites: Since this summer there has been an option in the game to visit other players' islands in a dream. With the new update, players can create a list of their favorite islands so that they can visit them again at any time while snoozing. To use this function, a Nintendo Services and paid membership to Nintendo Switch Online are required.

NookLink update: From the beginning of October, the NookLink service in the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app will be expanded to include an additional function. With the new update, players can use their smartphones to express their feelings in the game through appropriate reactions. All you need to do is install the latest game update from September 30th and connect to the internet while using NookLink.

How do I download the ACNH Fall update?

As a rule, your Switch always downloads (game) updates automatically, if that doesn't happen for some reason, you can also trigger it manually:

  • Make sure that your switch is connected to the WiFi

  • Select the game you want to update for (in this case Animal Crossing)

  • Press the minus key to open the options

  • Select "Software Updates" here: Go to "Via the Internet" and download and install the new patch

Now your opinion is asked: Is the new Halloween update a good reason for you to start ACNH again, or do you spend time on your island anyway? Write us in the comments!