ACNH Halloween Items Update - All Spooky Items, DIY Recipes and Halloween Costumes in Animal Crossing New Horizons

10/9/2020 11:38:50 AM

With the release of the ACNH Halloween update, there is a set of spooky items and Halloween costumes available in the game now, the different types of pumpkins are the main crafting material for making the spooky furniture using DIY recipes. Here we’ll introduce all of the ACNH Halloween items including spooky items list with pumpkin DIY recipes and Halloween costumes revealed.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Update - ACNH Halloween Items List

All pumpkins used for crafting spooky series can be farmed and harvested, you can buy pumpkin seeds from Nook’s Cranny with 280 ACNH bells or from Leif. There are in total of four colors of pumpkin and the color is chosen randomly, including orange (most common), yellow (uncommon), white (uncommon) and green (rare). The initial spooky furniture set is orange, you can use pumpkins in other colors to customize these furniture items in other colors as well. There is no limit to how many pumpkins you can farm but they do take four days to grow. The growing stages of ACNH pumpkins are: sprout -> stem -> bud -> pumpkin. Remember to water them to get more pumpkins. 

List of ACNH Halloween Spooky Items and Pumpkin DIY Recipes

Spooky Arch

・Hardwood (×10)

・Clay (×3)

・Orange Pumpkin (×10)

Spooky Candy Set

・Orange Pumpkin (×1)

・Candy (×3)

Spooky Carriage

・Wood (×20)

・Softwood (×20)

・Hardwood (×20)

・Iron Nugget (×10)

・Orange Pumpkin (×30)

Spooky Chair

・Orange Pumpkin (×3)

・Softwood (×3)

Spooky Fence

・Orange Pumpkin (×3)

・Iron Nugget (×5)

Spooky Garland

・Iron Nugget (×1)

・Clay (×1)

・Orange Pumpkin (×1)

Spooky Lantern

・Orange Pumpkin (×4)

Spooky Lantern Set

・Orange Pumpkin (×4)

・Clump of Weeds (×4)

Spooky Scarecrow

・Orange Pumpkin (×3)

・Wood (×4)

Spooky Standing Lamp

・Hardwood (×5)

・Clay (×1)

・Orange Pumpkin (×3)

Spooky Table

・Orange Pumpkin (×14)

・Softwood (×10)

Spooky Table Setting

・Iron Nugget (×1)

・Clay (×1)

・Orange Pumpkin (×1)

Spooky Tower

・Orange Pumpkin (×7)

Spooky Wand

・Star Fragment (×3)

・Spooky Lantern (×1)

Spooky Rug

Spooky Flooring

Spooky Wall

How to get all spooky items? 14 Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween spooky items listed above can be crafted using the crafting materials according to the recipes. However, please note Spooky Rug, Flooring and Wall can only be obtained by giving your villagers a treat during the Halloween event. On October 31, players have a chance to get these items as rewards from villagers or Jack, but you need to give them candy or lollipops. Of course, you can also buy any ACNH Halloween items on directly. 

ACNH Halloween Items

Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Update - ACNH Halloween Costumes

Animal Crossing New Horizons fall update 1.5 version also revealed a series of costumes and clothing items for Halloween celebration. Players can buy them from Able Sister after you update the game to the latest version. A few additional Halloween costumes can be purchased from Kicks or obtained from Jack at the night of October 31. Try to collect as many candies as possible!

Check out the list of Animal Crossing Halloween costumes including robe, hats, boots, dress, and accessories, most of them have up to 6 color variations, you can select the one you favorite. 

- Flashy Animal Costume

Flashy Animal Costume

- Mage's Dress

Mage's Dress

- Magic-Academy Robe

Magic-Academy Robe

- Raggedy Outfit

Raggedy Outfit

- Flashy Pointy-Ear Animal Hat

Flashy Pointy-Ear Animal Hat

- Flashy Round-Ear Animal Hat

Flashy Round-Ear Animal Hat

- Impish Horns

Impish Horns

- Mage's Striped Hat

Mage's Striped Hat

- Magic-Academy Hood

Magic-Academy Hood

- Animal Nose

Animal Nose

- Horizontal-Striped Tights

Horizontal-Striped Tights

- Flashy Animal Boots

Flashy Animal Boots

- Mage's Boots

Mage's Boots

- Impish Wings

Impish Wings

- Jack's Robe

Jack's Robe

- Jack's Face

Jack's Face