ACNH Top 10 Most Popular & Hated Villagers (October 2020) In Animal Crossing New Horizons

10/12/2020 10:50:11 AM

What are the most popular villagers and the most hated villagers for October 2020 in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Here we list the Top Most Loved & Hated ACNH Villagers in October, covering the popularity rank list of the new villagers. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons October Most Popular & Hated Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons October Most Loved Villagers

As you know, the list of the most popular ACNH villagers is changing every month due to their tastes are changing alongside with the seasons moving up. Plus the new villagers added into the game, the Top 10 ACNH Most Love List got some big movements. So which one is tiering up to the leaderboard of the most popular villagers for October? Here you can see:

  • Top 10: Stitches (Lazy / Bearcub)

  • Top 9: Bob (Lazy / Cat)

  • Top 8: Zucker (Lazy / Octopus)

  • Top 7: Judy (Snooty / Bearcub)

  • Top 6: Merry (Peppy / Cat)

  • Top 5: Sherb (Lazy / Goat)

  • Top 4: Tabby (Peppy / Cat)

  • Top 3: Raymond (Smug / Cat)

  • Top 2: Erik (Lazy / Deer)

  • Top 1: Marshal (Smug / Squirrel)

ACNH October Most Popular Villagers By Species

Some players love a certain type of animal, so here we list the most popular animals in different types: 

  • The Most Popular Alligator: Gayle

  • The Most Popular Anteater: Antonio

  • The Most Popular Bear: Teddy

  • The Most Popular Bird: Midge

  • The Most Popular Bull: Rodeo

  • The Most Popular Cat: Raymond

  • The Most Popular Chicken: Ken

  • The Most Popular Cow: Tipper

  • The Most Popular Cub: Stitches

  • The Most Popular Deer: Fauna

  • The Most Popular Dog: Lucky

  • The Most Popular Duck: Molly

  • The Most Popular Eagle: Apollo

  • The Most Popular Elephant: Tia

  • The Most Popular Frog: Lily

  • The Most Popular Goat: Sherb

  • The Most Popular Gorilla: Boone

  • The Most Popular Hamster: Flurry

  • The Most Popular Hippo: Bubbles

  • The Most Popular Horse: Julian

  • The Most Popular Kangaroo: Marcie

  • The Most Popular Koala: Melba

  • The Most Popular Lion: Rex

  • The Most Popular Monkey: Nana

  • The Most Popular Mouse: Chadder

  • The Most Popular Octopus: Marina

  • The Most Popular Ostrich: Flora

  • The Most Popular Penguin: Roald

  • The Most Popular Pig: Gala

  • The Most Popular Rabbit: Coco

  • The Most Popular Rhino: Merengue

  • The Most Popular Sheep: Dom

  • The Most Popular Squirrel: Marshal

  • The Most Popular Tiger: Bianca

  • The Most Popular Wolf: Audie

Most Popular New ACNH Villagers In October

There are some lovely new villagers added into the game such as the Audie, Cyd and Judy, which one is the most loved new villagers by players? Here is the popularity rank list of the new villagers:

  • Top 8: Cyd (Cranky / Elephant) - Less Popular

  • Top 7: Megan (Normal / Bear) - Less Popular

  • Top 6: Reneigh (Sisterly / Horse) - Fairly Popular

  • Top 5: Audie (Peppy / Wolf) - Very Popular

  • Top 4: Dom (Jock / Sheep) - Highest Popularity

  • Top 3: Judy (Snooty / Bearcub) - Highest Popularity

  • Top 2: Sherb (Lazy / Goat) - Highest Popularity

  • Top 1: Raymond (Smug / Cat) - Highest Popularity

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Animal Crossing New Horizons October Most Hated Villagers

While there are always some hated villagers every player simply does not like wandering on their island. The most hated list was getting big movements as you know these the least popular villagers always have abrasive personality traits such as cranky, jock, and snooty. So you always can see the Boyd, Curly in the list:

  • Top 10: Curly (Jock / Pig)

  • Top 9: Mott (Jock / Lion)

  • Top 8: Buzz (Cranky / Eagle)

  • Top 7: Chops (Smug / Pig)

  • Top 6: Peaches (Normal / Horse)

  • Top 5: Mallary (Snooty / Duck)

  • Top 4: Violet (Snooty / Gorilla)

  • Top 3: Queenie (Snooty / Ostrich)

  • Top 2: Gwen (Snooty / Penguin)

  • Top 1: Boyd (Cranky / Gorilla)

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