ACNH Scary & Creepy Islands Dream Address - Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Theme Design

10/16/2020 11:54:08 AM

To experience the Halloween spirit better, many players have prepared the designed horror theme houses and decorations. In this article, we are going to introduce the five best ACNH creepy dream islands for Halloween, you can use the ACNH scary island dream address/codes to visit these towns for free. 

acnh creepy islands

ACNH Creepy Dream Islands - Animal Crossing New Horizons Horror & Scary Islands to Visit

The Halloween is coming soon, have you been ready for that? You also have enough time to visit all of these five ACNH scary islands with the dream codes, to feel the atmosphere and the hidden details, then increase the sense of fear through the addition of creepy & scary theme Animal Crossing items and decor in your Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween design idea.

DA-4088-8875-3480 (Hitokui Village/Cannibal island)

The exterior design of the island looks like a beautiful, natural island, when you visit the houses and room designs, you can find some creepy things. There is a sausage restaurant with a severed head, bloody knife, pillowcases & mixer with tomatoes, and a sausage sign with a human body image, which brings overall spookiness of cannibalism. Of course, more horror features you can explore there, including a dark studio with special eyes wallpaper, creepy science lab, ghastly candle room, strange villagers, and more. 

DA-9342-4522-3579 (Denny’s)

The Denny’s island is a mixture of fun and weirdness, it uses the logo from the actual Denny’s restaurant along with its colors and designed a large welcome poster on the floor at the entrance and same style pathway, you can visit Denny’s basement and take some photos in those designated photo areas, for extra surprises, go ahead and take a peek behind Denny’s. There are kitchens with completely different styles, garbage bags with blood, and more scary items. 

DA-1182-7179-4326 (Aika Island)

This is a popular Animal Crossing island because of its psychological spookiness and design uniqueness. You can speculate various stories based on the design of this island, whether a failed frog experiment, dolls everywhere under the cliff, a story of infertility by two parents, a ruined family structure or a peek inside the mind of a psychopathic little girl with an obsession with a pop star, there is so much to explore and interpret behind every single nook and cranny. 

DA-2306-6859-1542 (Goo Lagoon)

When you enter the Goo Lagoon island, go through the shopping district, you’ll find some jarring signs informing the public that the stores are closed, and one of the women who live on here is missing, with deeper exploration and examination, all of the things on this island seem to become more and more chaotic with an eerie vibe mixed with the beauty of this island. 

DA-3489-3990-5301 (Silent Hill)

Based on the eerie town and silent hill, this island adapts the plot of the classic horror movie and video game and pays homage to the film by incorporating similar themes, characters and the setting of this thriller with scenes such as the farm which looks so good and so well done, the creepy homes and especially all the rooms decked out, you will get a chill through your exploration of the island.