Animal Crossing New Horizons November Update Predictions - Christmas, Thanksgiving, Winter Events & More

10/19/2020 10:59:45 AM

It has been confirmed that another big update “November Update” for Animal Crossing New Horizons will be released next month. And we can see Thanksgiving Harvest Festival and Christmas event added into the game. Here we present ACNH November update predictions, we talk about what can we expect from the late November update. 


Animal Crossing New Horizons November Update Predictions

This new update will be coming out in late November. So since Thanksgiving is on November 26th, the update would have to be released before that. This update seems like it will include late Fall and even Winter events too, and we can also expect to see characters like Franklin and Jingle return, we'll see a lot of food items added with this update and farming will play a big part in that, we will be able to craft different items on Christmas Day, and we may see Brewster and his cafe. Here are the full details for Animal Crossing New Horizons November Update. It’s just a prediction but we can look forward to that. 

  • Harvest Festival: The Harvest Festival will work exactly like it does in previous games especially New Leaf where you'll be cooking meals with Franklin or preparing meals but maybe actually cooking them this time. And he would send you around to other villagers to gather ingredients for dishes he’s preparing. So the Harvest Festival is a really fun event where you can collect a bunch of ingredients and get some cool Harvest themed items. There will probably be outdoor furniture items instead of the traditional indoors themed furniture set.

  • Farm More Different Types Of Items: There will be more vegetables to farm in November Update. And they are going to add in cooking recipes to the game so that you'll be able to use your vegetables to cook dishes and that will relate to the event with the Harvest Festival. You'll probably get more recipes and you'll be able to feed the food items.

  • Brewster And His Cafe: Brewster is anticipated for a long time, from summer to winter. Even though Brewster has not appeared in the game until now, we always believe it will return to the game in some time. But for November Update, there’s a big chance that Brewster will be returning, we have seen it in the data mine, so it's not like it's not there at all, it is actually there to be ready to come just because this update is going to be a big one, it's going to combine winter and late fall events into one update. So it'd be a perfect time. The weather is getting colder and it’s time for some hot drinks and expecting the appearance of Brewster’s cafe. It will definitely be located in the museum, we're not going to see an outdoor building but maybe there's a chance they'll give you the option you can have it in the museum or maybe you can have it outdoors.

  • Gyroids: It'd be quite a fun like museum update where you get your own exhibit for Gyroids. There was kind of hints to something like that maybe it was just related to Brewster maybe he'll store your Gyroids or collect them from you or buy them from you. It'd be cool to have a Gyroids exhibit. The Gyroids only come out after the rain, so they'd be a bit tricky to collect sometimes, they also sell for a lot of bells as well so that'd be an extra way to make some ACNH bells.

  • Jingle & Christmas Toy Day Event: If the Jingle stuff is included in this November Update you may just be able to travel right to it. Jingle is another confirmed familiar face that will generally shows up on December 24 for the Toy Day event. During Toy Day for November Update, players need to dress up as Santa and hand out presents to the villagers. Part of the fun of Toy Day in the past has been helping Jingle distribute presents to the villagers. Jingle will give the player a magic sack full of items, according to the hints on what gifts villagers want. When you delivers at least 7 perfect presents, Jingle will mail his photograph to you the next day. 

Are you excited about the new November Update for ACNH? What are you most looking forward to for this update? More specific details will be updated on MTMMO news list, be sure to follow us.

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