Best Animal Crossing Halloween Costume Designs - 11 Spooky Halloween Outfits & Costume Ideas For ACNH

10/30/2020 11:27:39 AM

Looking to dress up eye-catching for Halloween in ACNH? Here we share with you some fabulous Animal Crossing DIY Halloween costumes players have made in Animal Crossing New Horizons that be assembly easily & affordably for a perfect animal look. 

11 ACNH Spooky Halloween Outfits & Costume Ideas For ACNH

The Halloween event is finally here, and ACNH players are celebrating by dressing their in-game avatars up in all kinds of colorful and imaginative costumes. If you are still debating what to dress up for Halloween, check out these really cool costume ideas for Halloween from cute cowboy, the witch's ghost to spooky zombies and bloody red riding hood that we’ve collected from Youtube, Instagram and ACNH community, hopefully you can get some inspiration for your own Halloween costumes in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Halloween Costume Idea 1

  • Shared by IBECAWBU 

It's a shrek themed costume, you even have a shrek theme flag here. 

Halloween Costume Idea 2


This is Bob, they're dressed up as bob, it's perfect. They're using the new hat as well, they're using like Bob's kind of dress outfit which is really cool and they've got even the whiskers. 

Halloween Costume Idea 3


This one is just fantastic, it is Scoot who is a very iconic character and is definitely one of the most beloved villagers in the series maybe the most beloved duck villager. The little outfit is really cute.

Halloween Costume Idea 4

  • Shared by Frannie: MA-5385-0618-9469

Fairy tale characters have always been a hot topic around spooky season and this dress proves that this Halloween is no different. Red Riding Hood is a character that has been depicted as a sweet little girl, a warrior, and ever a murderous villain in some cult horror flicks. This dress seems to point more towards Red being involved in a horror flick with its bloody slashes.

Halloween Costume Idea 5

  • Shared by CROSSINGSAMM

This costume is kind of a simple look but it works so well. They've got all the different items that make up this character, so it looks really good and of course you can get so many different like cowboy themed items, wild west themed items in Animal Crossing New Horizons which is amazing.

Halloween Costume Idea 6


Halloween Costume Idea 7

  • Shared by TIMMY

It's a zombie cheerleader which is definitely one of the spookiest ones. The whole scenery here is great that they've taken with the photograph, they've taken the time to do like custom patterns for their face as well they've even got the bubble gum too. It's quite cute but then it's got the sort of spookiness to it as well, so really great look.

Halloween Costume Idea 8

  • Shared by ALYSSAPANSY

This one is quite simple but Chucky is such an iconic Halloween themed character. The axe just sells and you can buy from Nooks or online items store

Halloween Costume Idea 9

  • Shared by Naydinfarcrossng on Instagram: MA-4929-5324-1073

Halloween Costume Idea 10

  • Shared by DMASS on Reddit

Halloween Idea 11 

  • Shared by ElleFish4

ACNH DIY Halloween costumes

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