ACNH Mushrooms Collect Tips & Tricks - How To Get Rare Mushrooms Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

11/3/2020 3:46:21 PM

In this Animal Crossing New Horizons guide, let’s take a look at mushrooms in more detail, busting some myths, going over some tips and tricks you need to know for collecting ACNH rare mushrooms fast and easily. 

When To Collect Mushrooms In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

From the 1st of November, all new mushroom crafting materials begin spawning in the Northern Hemisphere and continue to grow all around our new horizons island until the 30th of November as we slowly transition into winter. 

What Types of Mushrooms Are Available To Collect?

The mushrooms available include skinny, flat round elegant, and rare mushrooms.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mushrooms

What You Can Use The Mushrooms For In ACNH?

  • These new mushroom craft materials are of course used to craft the limited-time seasonal mushroom venture items, but there's actually a surprising amount of information about the mushrooms themselves that you should know.

  • For those not really interested in collecting mushrooms or crafting the recipes, they're still worth collecting on your daily rounds. The first reason is they can be sold for bells, and the elegant and rare mushrooms sell for 10 000 and 16 000 ACNH bells each respectively.

  • The second reason is that the mushrooms act just like fruit or turnips and if eaten will give you extra strength and you'll be able to dig up trees and smash rocks and things like that.

  • Of course, imagING it will be more efficient just to save your mushrooms just in case you decide you want them and pick some fruit to use instead but it's useful to know.

Where & How To Collect Mushrooms In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

  • Now mushrooms grow on the ground near both hardwood and cedar trees, however, they won't grow near fruit trees or bamboo. So if you're having a hard time finding any mushrooms and you have more fruit trees than anything else this may be why.

  • Only a maximum of five of these mushrooms can grow per day per island, unfortunately, you simply won't find more than this, and unlike fossils or message bottles or profiles and island, residents share those five mushrooms. They don't get five each which is a bit annoying.

  • This applies to all mushrooms with the exception of rare mushrooms which although still grow near trees actually grow underground, they appear in big spots and look just like fossils.

  • Now it's been reported by some that the rare mushrooms that grow underground actually replace one of the four daily fossils, meaning if you're lucky enough for a rare mushroom to spawn you'll only find three of the four fossils that day. Assuming you collect your fossils every day because as you know you can find a maximum of six fossils if you skip days. Anyway this isn't 100 confirmed yet.

  • Now it's worth mentioning that mushrooms can grow on dirt paths just like weeds, flowers, and pumpkins, and appear to favor groups of trees or tree stumps over single trees out in the open. So again if you're struggling to find any try and plant a group of trees closes together in the same area and this will increase your chances of finding mushrooms.

  • Furthermore, it seems mushrooms do not grow on mystery island tours, so unfortunately unless you visit a friend's island and they're okay with you collecting their mushrooms or you time travel, you're only going to get the maximum of five per day.

  • The good news is for time travelers out there or for anyone who wants to leave their mushrooms growing for a while before collecting them, each island can grow up to 30 mushrooms at any one time before no more will grow. This means if you have enough trees and space available, you could let 5 mushrooms grow each day, for 6 days before walking around and collecting them all at the same time. However, for this to work whether you're playing in real time or time traveling, you have to hear Isabelle's daily announcement each day for the next batch of mushrooms to spawn, if that makes sense. 

How To Collect More Rare Mushrooms?

But to be honest, it's probably easier just to collect them every day. Anyway moving on just like the critters, for example, some mushrooms are rarer than others and there's a high chance of certain mushrooms spawning over others. This spawning mechanic is actually based on your island's rating and the higher your island rating, the easier it is to find the rarer more expensive mushrooms.

1. Higher Rated Island With Higher Chance

For example, if your island has a 3-star rating, there's a 30% to 35% chance you'll find these skinny flat or round mushrooms but only have a 1% chance of finding the rare mushroom. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Rare Mushrooms Spawn Chances

However, if you have a 5-star island rating the chances of common mushroom spawning drop by up to 10%, but the chances of rare mushroom spawning increases from 1 to 10%, which is really awesome. Of course, if you're looking to check what your island rating is just speak with Isabel at the resident services and ask her about your island evaluation.

2. More Trees With More Spawn Chance

Anyway, for fully developed islands or islands with fewer trees than others, it may be difficult to get mushrooms to spawn because they do require a certain amount of space similar to how trees grow before they will spawn. Surely you need hardwood and cedar trees, not fruit trees. 

3. Visit Other Players’ 5-Star Islands

You can travel those 5-star islands with Nook Miles Tickets and find the possibility of picking rare mushrooms from there. Of course, you must get permission from the island owner.

How Many Mushrooms Do You Need For DIY Mush Themed Items?

The good news is you don't actually need that many mushrooms to craft one of each of the DIY recipes, unlike some of the other seasonal materials we've seen in the past. In total you will need 15 skinny mushrooms, 14 flat mushrooms, 8 round mushrooms, 3 elegant mushrooms, and only 1 rare mushroom, totaling 41 mushrooms which will take you at least 9 days to collect assuming you get the exact ones you need each day. But as we said, you can collect as many as possible, as they are always useful in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

Now it doesn't seem like it but that's far less than the amount we need for some seasonal materials, such as the cherry blossom back in spring or the maple leaves that will be available later in the month. In terms of the quantities of mushrooms needed, they are in line with the chances they will spawn. For example, we need more common mushrooms than rare mushrooms to craft everything so that's really handy. 

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