ACNH How To Stop Tree Branches Spawning - Tips To Prevent Spawns For Tree Branches, Stones, Fossils

11/9/2020 5:33:28 PM

Today we're going over a simple trick to stop those annoying tree branches from spawning all around your Animal Crossing New Horizons island. If you are ACNH fans who are tired of cleaning tree branches in the game, this tutorial may be really useful to you. 


Tips & Tricks On How To Stop Tree Branches Spawning

Many of you probably already know whether you've been playing less than a week or since the launch of the game, both hardwood and cedar trees spawn tree branches every day, now this happens all over the ACNH island and running around to collect them is probably one of your daily chores. It's great when you begin your time with Animal Crossing, you may be happy to find that tree branches will appear directly on the ground because they are a crafting material that we need to craft things including the flimsy tools. But after a while you will get annoying and will be tired of cleaning up tree branches especially if you have a fully developed island and more than enough crafting material stored away. So some players may want to prevent them from spawning. 

Check out this tutorial, we present some simple tricks to stop tree branch spawns in ACNH (shared by Youtuber Mayor Mori).

  • The first step to stop tree branches spawning next to trees on the New Horizons island is run around your island like you usually would and collect up every single tree branch you find.

  • All you do is drop them somewhere else, once you've dropped them all, when you save and play again the next day no new tree branches will spawn because the game already thinks tree branches have dropped.

  • You can hide them and there are some best places to choose. Perhaps behind buildings or behind the cliffs at the back of your island, this way they are completely out of sight and you won't get any more random tree branches spawning around your trees.

While this is a fairly straightforward process, it is worth mentioning that the trick will only work if a player drops each of the branches that they have collected individually. This is due to the fact that the game considers a stack of tree branches to be the same as a single branch, and it does not count them multiple times toward the limit. That should not cause too many problems, though, as there is plenty of space to hide each branch separately on an ACNH island. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about these drop tree branches affecting your island rating, because according to a few other websites the Youtuber checked natural occurring items such as tree branches don't count as trash, so it doesn't affect your island rating.

How To Stop Stone & Fossils Spawning In Animal Crossing

One last thing to mention is that this trick can also be used on the random stone that spawns next to a rock every day. If you have a nice rock garden and don't want that annoying stone there you can simply hide it somewhere just like the tree branches. Also, the exact same trick can also be used for fossils too. If you're bored of up fossils every day or they get in the way of your island's design, simply dig them all up and re-bury fossils hidden away somewhere like behind the cliffs and no more random fossils will spawn. Whether you're hiding fossils stones or tree branches, simply pick them up if you want them to start spawning again every day.

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