Cooking Is Coming To Animal Crossing New Horizons? - New Ingredients & Items For ACNH Cooking Update

11/10/2020 2:10:07 PM

Can we expect to see cooking come to ACNH in the near future? 

Crafting different items is a big part of Animal Crossing New Horizons, but cooking also be something you would be able to do. Being able to cook certain things whenever you want still isn’t possible in any Animal Crossing game, but it’s definitely something that a lot of people have asked for and have requested to be added into the next Animal Crossing title, cooking could potentially be a part of New Horizons in some way. In this article, we take a look at all of the evidence, including new ingredients, and also speculating about how cooking could be implemented within the game's next update!


Animal Crossing New Horizons Cooking Update

Animal Crossing New Horizons was the first of the main games to introduce the new crafting feature one that has been quite divisive amongst fans, some people love it and some of us hate it, but there's no denying that crafting plays an important role in ACNH. We've seen them add a lot of new recipes but what if they added a new type of recipe - a cooking recipe? This certainly seems like it could have a potential future update what with the Harvest Festival coming on the fourth Thursday of November. The harvest festival is all about cooking and creating dishes for your villagers to enjoy on a day, all about harvesting the natural resources from your island. 

Farming & Cooking DIY Recipes

Recently, New Horizons introduced a brand new feature with the Halloween update which was farming. The game will be including much more than just pumpkins as potential vegetables to grow, expanding to carrots, potatoes, sugar, wheat and more. This definitely seems like it'd be perfect for the Harvest Festival and these hidden editions have been in the game's code for quite a while now.

What would we actually do with them? Like with the pumpkins, maybe we could use them as pure resources to craft new DIY recipes like the spooky set, but these will be used to craft dishes that can be given to villagers eaten for energy or simply placed outdoors as a decoration. 

How Cooking Could Be Implemented Within Next Update?

New Horizons has a lack of food items that you can display outside or indoors which is unlike New Leaf that had a ton of really cool food items that they could have easily added from the get-go, we can actually cook either way. You could do a lot with the dishes that you can cook yourself in pocket camp, you could feed special treats to your villagers and their friendship would go up with you a lot. So maybe that could happen here in New Horizons too. It certainly made getting those lucid photos a lot easier, they'd also be great to display outdoors as many of us have made our own restaurants cafes and even bars where food could fit in perfectly. These could work very well indoors too where food usually goes, maybe instead of making these with a DIY recipe bench you'd get your own cooking stove which is fairly typical of games with crafting elements.

It'd probably work very similar to how we already collect DIY recipes and craft those just with food ingredients instead of things like wood. It would certainly make farming more extensive too as we'd have a wide variety of vegetables to grow which would really help you do more with the game. So if they added extra elements to it like needing to water them every day or some fertilizer which could give you better or more ingredients for you to craft with.

Anyway, it certainly seems in late November, we can expect to see our islands filled with food related items. But it's unknown yet whether this update will actually feature some cooking update or just food related items related to the Harvest Festival either way it's certain that we'll get quite a few new items with this update, so that's very exciting indeed and the Harvest Festival is going to be a lot of fun in this game, so be sure to keep an eye out for that! Also, if you are finding affordable ACNH items to prepare for the upcoming cooking update, MTMMO sells cheap Animal Crossing items with fast delivery and best service all the time!

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