ACNH Toy Day Villager Present/Gift Guide - How to Get Jingle’s Rewards & Items in ACNH

11/18/2020 3:38:36 PM

Christmas is one of the biggest festival each year, and the Toy Day event is held in most Animal Crossing series on Christmas Eve, ACNH is no exception. Before we going to the Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy Day, some preparations can be made, such as add Christmas themed designs on your island, and know about what’s the best gift for villagers. Here is an ACNH Toy Day Gift Guide for fast to get Jingle series items and rewards.

acnh toy day gift guide

ACNH Toy Day Present Guide - How to Get Jingles Series Items & Rewards? 

Update (December 18)

According to the latest video of Mayor Mori, there is no real preparation required for Toy Day, you can simply log in the game on that day and take part in the event, it's possible to participate in Toy Day whether you dressed as Santa or not, in addition, in New Horizons, there will no hints that related to the gifts when villagers chatting as well. The only thing you need to do is check out your update. 

Original text:

The winter update is confirmed to launch on November 19, with the announcement of Turkey Day and Toy Day, as well as a series of changes and adjustments in the game. Toy Day is a typical Animal Crossing event for Christmas celebration, will return to New Horizons as well. Similar to previous games, Jingle will visit your island on Toy Day, and ask for players to deliver villager presents like a Santa. But if you want to get all the Jingle’s rewards, you need to give the right gift to villagers. There are some things to note for the ACNH Toy Day villager gift, especially for new AC players. 

1. Talk with your villagers

Before the festival comes, the preparation you can make for Toy Day is to know more about what your villagers want for Toy Day. When you updated the game to the latest version (1.6.0), in December, start to walk around the island and talk to your animal friends often, they may give you hints about the colors or other features of the item they want, remember what they said. 

2. Dress up as Santa

In the trailer of the ACNH free winter update, we can see a player who wears a complete set of Santa clothes talking with Jingle and help him deliver the presents for villagers. To prepare for the Toy Day, you’d better buy the Santa costumes once it’s available in the game, in New Leaf, there are Santa Coat, Santa Pants, Santa Hat, Santa Beard, and Santa s can be purchased with Animal Crossing bells in Able Sisters and Kicks. In New Horizons, the look and form of Santa clothes may be different, but you still need to dress like Santa Claus. 

3. Meet Jingle on Toy Day

On Toy Day, the event will kick off at some time of that day, maybe at 6 PM, remember to wear a complete set of Santa outfit and find Jingle, he will give you a magical Santa bag which contains all the presents you need to deliver, the next thing you need to do is speak to each villager and pick the correct gift from the bag, then send the present to the villager. Deliver all the present to correct villagers and talk back to Jingle, you can receive a reward from Jingle and probably a photo of Jingle on the next day. The Jingle series is a collection of furniture including Jingle Bed, Jingle Shelves, Jingle Piano, Jingle Dresser, Jingle Table, Jingle Wardrobe, Jingle Sofa, Jingle Lamp, Jingle Clock, and Jingle TV.

You can check the list of possible items your villager wants based on ACNL. 


Red: Executive Toy

Blue: Elephant Slide

Green:  Tennis Table

Brown:  Foosball Table

Yellow:  Bingo Wheel

White:  Bowling Pins

Gray:  Mini Circuit

Colorful:  Colorful Wheel


Black:  Wide-screen TV

Blue:  Upright Vacuum

Red:  Vacuum Cleaner

Orange:  Deluxe Washer

Gray:  TV with VCR

White:  Refrigerator

Brown:  Retro TV

Green:  Retro Fridge


Colorful:  Candy Jar

Brown:  Box of chocolates

Orange:  An orange

Green:  A pear

Yellow:  A banana

Pink:  A peach

Gray:  lunch tray

Red: An apple


Blue:  Blue Cabinet

Colorful:  Kiddie Bureau

Orange:  Grapefruit Table

White:  Cream Sofa

Gray:  Tall Lantern

Beige:  Pine Chair

Green:  Lily Pad Table

Aqua:  Backyard Pool

Black:  Weight Bench

Brown:  Writing Desk

Pink:  Lovely Table

Red:  Juicy Apple Clock

Yellow:  Lemon Table


Blue:  Blue Wall

Brown:  Exotic Wall

Aqua:  Backyard Fence

Colorful:  Kiddie Wall

Orange:  Astro Wall

Gray:  Concrete Wall

Yellow:  Cheese Wall

Beige:  Paw print Wall

Black:  Sleek Wall

Green:  Green Wall

White:  Modern Screen

Pink:  Lovely Wall


Blue:  Blue Flooring

Red:  Plush Carpet

Brown:  Exotic Rug

Colorful:  Kiddie Carpet

Yellow:  Ceramic Tile

Orange:  KitschyTile

White:  Birch Floor

Beige:  Neutral Floor

Gray:  Modern Tile

Green:  Green Rug

Pink:  Lovely Carpet


Pink:  Wobbelina

Yellow:  Lucky Gold Cat

Orange:  Baby Bear

Black:  Lucky Black Cat

Red:  Garden Gnome

Purple:  Papa Panda

Green:  Hula Doll

Aqua:  Fancy Doll


Aqua:  Blue Dot Parasol

Blue:  Blue Umbrella

Red:  Red Umbrella

Pink:  Candy Umbrella

Yellow: Yellow Umbrella

Black:  Bat Umbrella

Colorful:  Gelato Umbrella

Green:  Leaf Umbrella

Orange:  Maple Umbrella

White:  Lacy Parasol


Red:  Red Warm Up Suit

Orange:  Orange Jacket

Green:  Grass Tee

Gray:  Gray Tank

Purple:  Purple Tie-Dye

Aqua:  Cloudy Tee

Pink:  Heart Tee

Black:  BB Tee

Yellow:  Leopard Tee

Brown:  Swell Tee

Blue:  Blue Diamond Tee

Beige:  Beige Knit Shirt

White:  Snow Shirt

Colorful:  Rainbow Tee


Brown:  Folk Guitar

Black:  Upright Piano

Green:  Rock Guitar

Red:  Metal Guitar

Beige:  Timpano Drum

Yellow:  Drum Set


Pink:  Plum Bonsai

White:  Moth Orchid

Yellow:  Jasmine Bonsai

Green:  Tall Cactus

Red:  Poinsettia

Purple:  Purple Violets


White:  Minimalist Lamp

Black:  Small Spotlight

Gray:  Mini Lamp

Red:  Polka Dot Lamp

Brown:  Modern Wood Lamp

Green:  Green Lamp

Aqua:  Lava Lamp

Pink:  Lotus Lamp