ACNH Turkey Day Items - How to Get Thanksgiving Turkey Day Furniture and DIY Recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons

11/20/2020 6:08:40 PM

Before the start of the Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day event, a full list of new furniture items is revealed for celebrating the Thanksgiving festival. The majority of ACNH Thanksgiving items can be crafted using the Turkey Day DIY recipes and specific materials. In this article, we are going to introduce how to get all the ACNH Turkey Day items and crafting DIYs. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day Update - ACNH Turkey Day Items & DIY Recipes

The Turkey Day event will take place on November 26, you can’t time travel to this event, which is locked, you can only access it on the event day.  Check out the list of ACNH Turkey Day DIYs and Animal Crossing items can be crafted with them. These items are not yet accessible, you need to wait until Turkey Day.

Turkey Day Casserole: 5 Iron Nugget, 1 Clay

Turkey Day Chair: 5 Wood, 2 Hardwood, 2 Softwood

Turkey Day Decorations: 2 Softwood, 5 Clump Of Weeds, 2 Clay

Turkey Day Garden Stand: 8 Stone, 3 Clay

Turkey Day Hearth: 1 Campfire, 30 Stone, 10 Clay

Turkey Day Table: 10 Hardwood, 5 Softwood

Turkey Day Table Setting: 4 Clay, 2 Iron Nugget

Turkey Day Wheat Decor: 10 Clump Of Weeds

There are more Thanksgiving furniture items available in the game, while they can’t be crafted. 

Turkey Day Flooring

Turkey Day Rug

Turkey Day Wall


How to Get ACNH Turkey Day Items?

1. There are 8 furniture items that can be crafted using materials including clay, iron nugget, stone, etc., according to the DIY recipes.

2. There are 3 furniture items (Turkey Day Flooring, Turkey Day Rug and Turkey Day Wall) that can be obtained by helping Franklin cook dishes.

3. You need to provide four ingredients correctly for Franklin to get the Cornucopia.

4. Buy any Turkey Day items in Nook’s Cranny or Nook Stop with ACNH bells.

5. Buy any ACNH Turkey Day items at MTMMO at the cheapest prices and put them in your house to create Thanksgiving designs.

How to Get ACNH Turkey Day DIY Recipes

You can unlock the 8 DIY crafting recipes for Turkey Day items by cooking dishes for Franklin on Thanksgiving Day. During Turkey Day, find Franklin in the plaza and speak with him, he will ask you to help him collect certain ingredients for cooking some dishes, if you helped him, Franklin will give some Turkey Day recipes and items as the reward. Some of these items come with two customization options: Fall Harvest and Spring Blooming, for different hemispheres.