ACNH Turkey Day Dish Recipes - All Ingredients You Need To Prepare For Animal Crossing New Horizons Thanksgiving

11/24/2020 11:13:34 AM

On Thanksgiving Day, Franklin visits the Animal Crossing: New Horizons island to host turkey day in celebration of thanksgiving. To help him to complete his feast for villagers, you will receive Turkey Day Set items as rewards. Here we list the details of Franklin's dish recipes and secret ingredients that can help you prepare for the event if you want to. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day Franklin's Dishes 

Thanks to the recent New Horizons trailer, we know franklin will stop by on the 26th of November, so this coming Thursday to cook a Thanksgiving feast for the island's residents. The event itself introduces new turkey day furniture items too, which we'll be able to craft. And much like in previous games, we will have to hunt down different types of ingredients on franklin's behalf from all around the island to help Franklin cook. From this point onwards, we're going to be taking a look at pretty much all of the dishes, Franklin will be cooking during the event and all the ingredients you'll need to track down. 

How Does The Turkey Day Event Go On Exactly? During Turkey Day, Franklin will of course appear at the plaza to start the festivities between 6 am and 10 pm and will cook a total of four different dishes - each requiring a unique set of ingredients. Some of these dishes use different ingredients based on which hemisphere you're in, include a secret ingredient which is a bit harder to track down but if used correctly earns you bonus rewards as well as some random ingredients that are decided on the day. But don't worry it's easier than it sounds and we'll go over everything about dishes and ingredients you need to know here. 

ACNH Turkey Day Dish Recipes

1. Clam Chowder Recipe

  • Northern/Sothern Hemisphere: 3 x Manilla Clams

  • Secret Ingredients: Scallop

How To Collect The Ingredients: To help Franklin cook this dish, you will need three manila clams. Manila clams can of course be dug up with a shovel on the beach when little jets of water appear. The secret ingredient for this dish is a scallop which of course can be found by diving for deep sea creatures. 

2. Pumpkin Pie Recipe

  • Northern/Sothern Hemisphere: 1 x Orange Pumpkin, 1 x Random Other Color Pumpkin

  • Secret Ingredients: 2 x Other Unused Pumpkin Colours

How To Collect The Ingredients: Pumpkin Pie was previewed in the recent winter update trailer and obviously requires pumpkins to make. For this dish, you will need to collect one orange pumpkin and either a green white or yellow pumpkin. Furthermore, if you want to enhance this dish for bonus rewards, the secret ingredient is two additional pumpkins that differ from the first two used. So there's a good chance you may need all four kinds of pumpkins by the end of the event.  If you haven't already you can grow pumpkins, using pumpkin starts that are available from leaf's pop-up garden shop when he visits. Just remember they do take a few days to grow.

3. Gratin Recipe

  • Northern Hemisphere: 1 Mussel, 1 Random: Flat Mushroom, Flat Mushroom, Round Mushroom, Skinny Mushroom or Oyster

  • Southern Hemisphere: 1 Squid, 1 Sea Urchin

  • Secret Ingredients: Dungeness Crab

How To Collect The Ingredients: This recipe requires different ingredients depending on which hemisphere you're in. For the northern hemisphere, you will need one muscle, a random oyster, and a flat round or skinny mushroom. Of course, the sea creatures can be found by deep sea diving and the mushrooms spawn around the base of random hardwood and cedar trees. Again, the mushrooms that spawn each day are also random, so be sure to collect a few just in case. The secret ingredient for this recipe, which will be harder to find is the Dungeness Crab can be found underwater. This recipe is slightly different for those of you in the southern hemisphere, and only requires one squid and one sea urchin so you won't need to find any mushrooms,  which is just as well since they're not currently spawning in your hemisphere. The secret ingredient for the southern hemisphere remains the same so you'll also need to find a Dungeness Crab again, these are all found underwater with the exception of the squid which requires some sea fishing. 

4. Fish Manure Recipe

  • Northern Hemisphere: 1 Sea Bass, 1 Random: Dab, Olive Flounder, Red Snapper

  • Southern Hemisphere: 1 Sea Bass, 1 Random: Olive Flounder, Red Snapper

  • Secret Ingredients: Barred Knifejaw

How To Collect The Ingredients: Differs slightly between hemispheres in the northern hemisphere. You will need one sea bass and a random ingredient from either a dab, an olive flounder or a red snapper. The secret ingredient to enhance this particular dish is the rarer barred knife jaw,  the good news is it's fairly simple to collect these ingredients as they can all be fished from the ocean. The southern hemisphere appears to be more or less the same and requires one sea bass and a random ingredient from either an olive flounder or red snapper. The secret ingredient is still the bad knife jaw though should you want to help franklin season the dish and make it even nicer. 

All Ingredients You Need To Prepare For ACNH Turkey Day

Now it's worth noting that all of these ingredients whether they're pumpkins or types of fish can all be obtained during the event by trading with your villagers or catching them yourself, so it's not too important to get all of these things in advance, especially if you're planning on spending the whole day playing with that said it could be useful if you have a busy day ahead and don't want to spend some of it gathering ingredients. Anyway if you're planning on preparing for the event in advance in any way, the complete list of ingredients you need to ensure you cover all possible permutations and random choices from franklin are as follows:

ACNH Thanksgiving Turkey Day - Franklin's ingredients

  • 3 Manilla Clams

  • 1 Scallop

  • 1 Orange Pumpkin

  • 2 Green Pumpkins

  • 2 White Pumpkins

  • 2 Yellow Pumpkins

  • 1 Mussel

  • 1 Oyster

  • 1 Flat Mushroom 

  • 1 Round Mushroom

  • 1 Skinny Mushroom

  • 1 Dungeness crab 

  • 1 Squid 

  • 1 Sea Urchin

  • 1 Sea Bass 

  • 1 Dab 

  • 1 Olive Flounder

  • 1 Red Snapper

  • 1 Barred Knifejaw

If you have all of these to hand when the Turkey Day event starts, you'll have no problems helping Franklin cook all of his dishes and getting the Turkey Day furniture from him without spending any Animal Crossing Bells. Just remember it may take some of the fun out of it if you do. 

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