How to Make Perfect Snowboys in Animal Crossing New Horizons | ACNH Snowballs Spawn

12/10/2020 12:01:46 PM

The Animal Crossing New Horizons Winter recipes and items are just around the corner for the northern hemisphere, to gain more DIYs and crafting materials (snowflakes and large snowflakes), many players are trying to find snowballs on the island for building a snowman. In this article, we’ll discuss ACNH snowballs spawn and how to make perfect snowboys in ACNH. 

how to make perfect snowboy acnh

What Can You Get from the Perfect Snowboy in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Why do you need to make a perfect snowboy? Whenever you build a snow boy perfectly, he will give you a winter snowflake DIY recipe straight to your nook phone, if you want to collect every single DIY recipe of these ice and frozen ACNH items, you need to build as many as perfect snowboys. In addition, if you talk to the snowboys after you build them once per day until the day they melt, you will receive another type of crafting material for ACNH winter DIYs - large snowflakes, which is necessary for crafting frozen furniture set. 

ACNH Snowballs Spawn - What Should You Know About Snowballs Spawning

There is a problem is that if your island is covered with a ton of colorful patterns and custom designs, even placed on every single area on the ground, then you may feel harder to spawn snowballs. What you can do create a specific area colored white for the snowballs to spawn by kicking out all the designs. The snowballs do spawn on your island randomly, if the snowballs do not spawn, just go into any building like Resident Services and then come out, the snowballs should be able to spawn. 

How to Make Perfect Snowboys in Animal Crossing New Horizons 

After you prepared your specific area for the construction of snowboy, you can make a dedicated path or race track for rolling the snowballs. In addition, the lifespan of a snowboy is four days, you can talk to them before they melt for obtaining large snowflakes, but if you built the snowboys on different days, you need to remember when they built. To avoid this problem, you can make some squares and make your perfect snowboys in the square one by one in a row. 

1. Prepare a specific area for building the snowboy. 

2. Find two snowballs and roll them into a larger size. Once you find a snowball, you have to kick it around a couple of times in the actual snow, if you kick a snowball into a specific pattern, it’s not going to grow as well and going to shrink, just push it to the max size.

3. The percentage ratio of the two snowballs should be 10/9. The size of the second snowball should be 90% of that of the first one. If your snowball is too big or too small, you can easily roll it around some patterns to shrink it or roll it on the snow to increase its size, these are absolutely customizable as far as you go the right way.

4. Push the two snowballs together. When you are ready and feel like that’s going to be right, before you push them together, you want to make sure the game will not automatically save. Because if you get this wrong, then you want to be able to turn off your game.

5. If your snowboy is perfect, he will tell you. The dialogue is “I can’t believe this is your first time making me. I mean, just look at me... I’m perfect!”

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