Phantasy Online Star 2 Global Guide - How To Get Level 95 Phantom Class In One Hour

12/14/2020 6:20:18 PM

Are you confusing about how to get level 75 Phantom in PSO2 Global, today we show you some tips and skills for fast getting high-level Phantom even in an hour.


Phantasy Star Online 2 Phantom

Phantom is a newly released part of the PSO2 Episode 6 class. While traveling to earth in dream star online 2, arks encounter a new enemy they call phantom. They are ethereal, almost ghostly adversaries who seem to draw strength from people's fears. Under the command of their mother, they act almost like the dark ones, not the dark ones. Tokyo and Las Vegas are filled with a perfect combination of organic and vehicle phantoms, both of which can provide additional appendages for attacks.

This new updated Phantom includes content like Tokyo Phantoms, Las Vegas Phantoms, Mother Cluster, ESC-A Enemies, Angels, Special Phantoms. It acquires three weapon types: Assault Rifles, Katanas, and Rods. You will improve your level until 75+ to unlike the class. That's why we bring you the PSO2 Phantom best tutorials to help you improve your level quickly into 95.

Best Phantasy Star Online 2 Global Tips&Skills - How To Get Level 95 Phantom Fast In PSO2 

Tip NO. 1 EXP Tickets

If you're going to play a new class and you want to level up the ring, you will actually equip a new ring usually first.

Next, highly recommend starting off with getting all EXP tickets that you saved up. You're not leveling up all the other classes, in that case not really waste EXP tickets and save them for stuff that's coming out in the future, maybe stop buying useless items. The goal with the EXP tickets is to want to get as close as possible to level Phantom 75 


Tip NO. 2 

End up using all kinds of  that you possibly could, from the alliance , tri-, experience s, extra tri-boos and even timed abilities.  


Tip NO. 3 Tokyo Bonus Keys

Farm a bunch of Tokyo gold keys. Make sure to put some skill points in, can cause more damage and can go quicker.  If you don’t have Bonus Keys, AQs, Busters, and the recommended quest will be the next best thing.

Save up all silver keys and even old gold keys that expired for quite some time. If you are not going to play any other class but Phantom you can store keys. Every five keys that you put in expired or not will turn into one Tokyo gold.


Tip NO. 4 Log In Game

If you're not even playing the game, or you decide to take a break for a while. It is a good idea to spend a few minutes log in every single day and at least do to get your silver key and possibly gold keys.


Tip NO. 4 Tokyo Rainbow Key

The Tokyo rainbow key is the best so far,  it's at least three times better than a Tokyo gold key but don't know the exact numbers on it yet. Furthermore, you're going to want to save this Tokyo rainbow key for as long as possible, even 93, 94. Either way, it was really good and got really good drops.


That’s the fast way to get Phantasy Star Online 2 Level 95 Phantom, mark those skills and tips Phantom guides to help you achieve effectively in a higher level of PSO2 global. Meanwhile, you can store cheap PSO2 Meseta at the most trustworthy online store