ACNH New Items February & March 2021 - Animal Crossing Holiday, Event & Seasonal Items

1/27/2021 11:42:03 AM

The much anticipated January update trailer finally arrived in Animal Crossing New Horizons, even though it only features one big event - Festivale, there are also lots of hidden ACNH items that will be added into the game. Follow us to take a look at what ACNH holiday items and seasonal items you can expect in February, March and future days in 2021. 

ACNH New Items February & March - Animal Crossing Event & Seasonal Items 2021

Although many details have not been released, the trailer also gives us lots of hints on future updates and new items. The most important thing you should remember is to update your game to the latest 1.7.0 version after it launches on January 28. Otherwise, you can’t access the holiday and items.

ACNH Festivale Set Furniture & Clothes

The major event introduced in the January update (1.7 update) is Festivale. On February 15, with the appearance of Pave, players will have a chance to earn Festivale themed furniture set from Pave. It seems that the ACNH Festivale items mainly in green and yellow (see the picture below). And these items will be for sale at Nook’s Cranny starting from February 1, you can buy them with ACNH bells to prepare for the event. In the trailer, villagers also wear colorful costumes for celebrating the Festivale, the Festivale clothes will available in Able Sisters. 

acnh festivale item

ACNH Valentine’s Day Seasonal Items

Keep an eye on Nook Stop in Resident Services. Before the ACNH Festivale event arrives, you can enjoy Valentine’s Day. From February 1 to February 14, players can purchase the new seasonal items for Valentine’s Day including Chocolate hearts and Heart-shaped bouquets through Nook Shopping.

More ACNH Nook Shopping Seasonal Items & Holiday Items 

There will be other items for some tiny real-world holidays and events like Groundhog Day, Big Game Celebration, and more for a certain period of time in January, February, and the following days of 2021. For example, Groundhog's Day typically takes place on February 2, Isabelle will give you a Resetti Model if you talk to her at Plaza. Here is a simple list of new ACNH event items and ACNH nook shopping seasonal items. 

Resetti model (Groundhog's Day)

Football Rug


Throwing Beans

Maracas Thank-You Gift (through the mailbox)

ACNH Super Mario Items

Towards the one year anniversary of Animal Crossing New Horizons, there should be a big update in March. Based on the trailer, Super Mario items will be added. What other features can we expect? MTMMO will follow the latest calendar and update the news and guides timely.  

Animal Crossing Super Mario Furniture in the past:

Mario Furniture

1-Up Mushroom

Super Mushroom

Super Star


Fire Flower

Green Shell



Goal Pole

Fire Bar

Bill Blaster

Mushroom Mural

Block Floor

Special Amiibo Card

Other than the addition of new items in the game, Nintendo also announced that the Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration amiibo cards will be available again in March for worldwide.