ACNH Best River Mouth Design Ideas - How To Decorate Around River Months In Animal Crossing New Horizons

2/9/2021 11:39:28 AM

In this guide, we are going to run around and look at different ways people have designed and decorated their river months in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

ACNH River Mouth Design 1

By lemon.crossing from Ins (Island Name: Astoria)

This is a creative design to build up a natural cozy landscape around the river month. It is so calming and beautiful which makes you feel like not even at the river mouth. The creators worked both with the land at the river mouth and with the beaches beside them, it can be awkward figuring out how to cut off a beach location. 

ACNH River Mouth Design Ideas 1

ACNH River Mouth Design 2

By WidddGaming from Youtube (Island Name: Black Rock 2)

Next up we have this beautiful autumn island by wildddgaming. We do love the red accents at this river mouth and you can see that they've kind of cut the river mouth off at a waterfall pretty close by, which is a good way to handle the river mouth if you don't want to have the river running continuously. If you want to kind of shake up your waterscape that's a good way to handle the river mouth to make it not problematic in terms of your map layout.

ACNH River Mouth Design Ideas 2

ACNH River Mouth Design 3

By lifeofness from Youtube (Island Name: Lotus) 

Now we journey forth to the lovely island of lotus by ness. We adore the way ness designed the river mouth, you can see that creator has used a man-made bridge as opposed to actually getting a bridge kit from Tom Nook with Animal Crossing bells and it looks amazing. Also, there are some unique designs such as a custom design sign and floor lights, you can just imagine how lovely it looks at night too.

ACNH River Mouth Design Ideas 3

ACNH River Mouth Design 4

By Lex Play from Youtube (Island Address: DA-9014-0717-3408)

This is a pretty popular method of sort of just sealing off the river mouth, the creator put a bridge right close to the water and built up some cliffs with staggering waterfalls, you can see that the creator made them very layered to give them different levels to make it look very natural. And a villager house was tucked away there. 

ACNH River Mouth Design Ideas 4

ACNH River Mouth Design 5

By lifeofness from Ins (Island Address: DA-3084-3864-7924)

This island had a lovely unique take on the river mouth, you can see we have the resident representative's house tucked away on this little beach and look at these layered waterfalls. The little outcropping of land with the tree and the plants, everything is so soft and beautiful, it all looks so natural. And there's a little seating area here so it does feel like it's integral to the island itself and it just looks stunning. We also have a villager house on the other side so it's like a little bitty river mouth. This creator also had a double south-facing river mount, so you can see that they've kind of mirrored the tree, like outcropping on this side as well and it looks so amazing. 

ACNH River Mouth Design Ideas 5

ACNH River Mouth Design 6

By arleshorizons from Ins (Island Address: DA-0393-4872-1750)

We do love how this creator handled their river mouth, you can see that it leads into the little earth pieces with plants and this creator has also included a mush lamp and a holiday candle which is so cute. It is also so incredibly calming to see this island at this time of day, we mean it is so gorgeous with the background of the 5 am sky. Also, there is a beach with a little picnic going on and on the other side, we have a cute campsite area. 

ACNH River Mouth Design Ideas 6

ACNH River Mouth Design 7

By kebabcrossing from Ins (Island Address: DA-6899-1299-2583)

We do love how winding this river mouth is.  Right off of the river mouth, it's already cutting a sharp edge, and it's surrounded by these winding cliffs and waterfalls. If natural slash forest core is your favorite, you would get obsessed with this terraforming as it looks so natural and foresty. Also just to the right here, we have like a mini pond slash lake and a lovely little fishing spot. They also had double southern-facing river mouths, but here they actually put it right beside a vineyard which is super cute.

ACNH River Mouth Design Ideas 7

ACNH River Mouth Design 8

By Raeli (Island Address: DA-5564-7780-9121)

This is a lovely sunset dream address and isn't this just gorgeous, there were so many colors going on, and instead of taking the immediate waterfall approach. This creator did create a winding river leading away from the river mouth. Again we've got a bridge here so that we can cross right at where the river meets the ocean. It borders this plant shop on the right side which is a great idea. 

ACNH River Mouth Design Ideas 8

ACNH River Mouth Design 9

By wolfemedia from Twitch (Island Address: DA-4321-1744-9711)

We beg of you just look at this cute little crafting slash workstation bordering the river, you've got a riverside workplace and the dynamic of these two bridges so close to each other. All the details are so lovely and it is a good way to kind of not draw a lot of attention to the river mouth but still incorporate it in a way that is productive for this island's theme. It just is so calming like a bridge to the sunset not to be cheesy.ACNH River Mouth Design Ideas 9

ACNH River Mouth Design 10

By eventide.horizons from Ins (Island Address: DA-7786-7160-7206)

This creator described their river mouth as very extra but we are living for it and think it is exactly the right amount. It is beautiful and unique with these dual even triple waterfalls like a horseshoe of waterfalls surrounding the river mouth. And it is just stunning especially with these custom bricks and everything looks so regal.

ACNH River Mouth Design Ideas 10

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