ACNH Super Mario Update - ACNH Super Mario Themed Furniture, Items, New Feature & Release Date

2/18/2021 4:00:48 PM

Animal Crossing New Horizons Super Mario items set is coming! According to the announcement of Nintendo Direct, the update is scheduled for February 25. Let’s take a look at what Super Mario furniture and costumes released in the game and new features in the ACNH Super Mario Update. 

ACNH Super Mario Update - Release Date, Collaboration Items and Teleportation Warp Pipe Feature

In the latest ACNH trailer of Nintendo, we can see the character dressed up as Mario, it’s interesting to get these new outfits and dress up as these characters. Actually, you can get four different styles of costumes with the update, including Luigi, Mario, Peach and Wario. As expected, players can also get a bunch of new Mario-themed furniture coming to New Horizons, some of them appeared in previous Animal Crossing games, while there are also many new ACNH items to the game. Some Mario items are interactive, such as the coins, you can run through them, and the goal pole can change the flag. The Mario update is to drop on February 25, 2021, they added a ton of cool items from the Mario series in this update, it does not seem to have much else contents. If you like the franchise, you can really enjoy the next update. 

There is also a brand new feature introduced in the trailer. You can get Teleportation Warp Pipe that allows you to warp from one place on your island to another, which is an exciting and useful feature. Your character can go in a pipe at one end and then come out at another, but we are not sure how it will work and how many pipes you can set up. 

ACNH Super Mario Items - Animal Crossing New Horizons Super Mario Furniture and Outfits

The Mario Crossover in ACNH update is to celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary, Animal Crossing New Horizons revealed a ton of items that you can use on your island, such as the mushrooms. Here you can check out the ACNH Super Mario furniture and costumes. 

1-Up Mushroom - 2000 Bells

Block - 1000 Bells

Coin - 350 Bells

Fire Flower - 1500 Bells

Floating block - 1000 Bells

Goal Pole - 3500 Bells

Large Mushroom Platform - 3000 Bells

Pipe - 5000 Bells

Shell - 700 Bells

Small Mushroom Platform - 1000 Bells

Super Mushroom - 1350 Bells

Super Star - 2000 Bells

Thwomp - 3000 Bells

? Block - 1350 Bells

Luigi hat - 1500 Bells

Mario hat - 1500 Bells

Princess Peach crown - 12000 Bells

Wario hat - 1500 Bells

Luigi ‘stache - 1200 Bells

Mario ‘stache - 1200 Bells

Wario ‘stache - 1200 Bells

Luigi outfit - 2400 Bells

Mario outfit - 2400 Bells

Princess Peach dress - 6000 Bells

Wario outfit - 2400 Bells

Luigi shoes - 1400 Bells

Mario shoes - 1400 Bells

Princess Peach shoes - 2400 Bells

Wario shoes - 1400 Bells

Mushroom mural - 3000 Bells

Block flooring - 3000 Bells

Lakitu’s Cloud rug - 1500 Bells

Yoshi’s Egg rug - 1500 Bells

ACNH Super Mario items

How to Get Super Mario Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons Super Mario items will be dropped in the game on March 1, 2021, you can purchase them with ACNH bells through the Promotion tab in Nook Shopping. These items for sale at different prices.

2. Once these items are available, you can find these furniture and clothes in ACNH new items category on Cheapest prices and fastest delivery. 

So, Nintendo got lots of time for their ACNH anniversary update, follow us to get notifications for the latest news about New Horizons. 

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