Best ACNH Shop Area Design Ideas - Nook Cranny & Able Sisters Exterior Designs In Animal Crossing

3/4/2021 5:10:53 PM

We are going to show you some design ideas for your shopping district area including Nooks Cranny and Able Sisters, featuring completely different themes you should be able to be inspired such as cottagecore, kidcore, etc. Let's go over now.

1. Fall Themed Shop Area Design

By Phoebe - Island Address: DA-9400-2400-4373

The first shop area design we share here is from a beautiful fall themed island, where the Able Sister and Nook Granny is places next to each other. The Nooks Cranny has really cute marketplace in front of it on the left here. And also the use of the Tiki torch items looks so amazing, with the browns and the fall theme, it just goes together really nicely. 

ACNH Shop Area Ideas 1 - Nook Cranny Design Idea

We have the Able Sister storefront with this really relaxing seating area placed right in front of it, there's like a chessboard area with some fruit and tea on the table. There's some clothing to the left, and sewing machine and a loom on the right of Able Sisters, so it looks like they have their little workshop. 

ACNH Shop Area Ideas 1 - Able Sisters Design Idea

2. Kidcore Themed Shop Area Design

By Honey - Island Address: DA-7330-7296-6973

The next design is from a kid core themed island, we will absolutely love this all of the vibrant colors used and the positive vibe. On the front of Able Sisters, there's cute little dainty dresses scattered around the area instead of just being in like one little spot, they're kind of just spread out, and it looks so adorable. The circular brick pathways and shopping bag custom design with a smiley face on the ground is perfect for this area. One the left side of the Able Sisters, there are cliffs and waterfalls surrounding the area. 

ACNH Shop Area Ideas 2 - Nook Cranny Design Idea

If you follow this little circular pathway up into this direction, you will actually be greeted by this staircase and here is the actual Nooks Cranny storefront, you can see there's lots of similar themes here, except for there is kind of a variety in the pathways over, and on the right side there's like a little tricycle parking space with some vending machines and presents. 

ACNH Shop Area Ideas 2 - Able Sisters Design Idea

3. Cluttered Themed Shop Area Design

By Elliana - Island Address: DA-5836-3986-3726

This shop design is from a cluttered themed island. We adore every item that is used here and all of the pathways as well. They even have the log bed which is a very interesting item choice but it fits perfectly, and it kind of looks like maybe Timmy and Tommy have like their own bedroom space near the Nooks Cranny where they can kind of hang out whenever they're not working. There are so many different unique interesting Animal Crossing items chosen to use in this area. Another detail that really inspired is a little farm with flowes and pumpkins is built here. This is a better view of the like home styled space here. 

ACNH Shop Area Ideas 3 - Nook Cranny Design Idea

Head down this way onto their island, over here is the Able Sisters, this space is very moody with looms and barrels. The clothing that they chose to feature here with like the witchy hat and the little brown circular glasses and the coat rack match together very well. 

ACNH Shop Area Ideas 3 - Able Sisters Design Idea

4. City Themed Shop Area Design

By Miki - Island Address: DA-2665-9931-5096

This is outstanding design from a beautiful city styled, which use the street pathways on the whole island. The Nooks Cranny is centered right in the middle of the road, and the blue imperial fencing looks really nice in front of the store. They also have the bubblegum machines, scooters, lots of street lamps in the area and there's even a little arcade to the right of the Nook's Cranny which is a really cute touch. 

ACNH Shop Area Ideas 4 - Nook Cranny Design Idea

If you head over in this direction, they have a really pretty flower shop here with some stalls, and then you keep walking in this direction and you will make your way to the Able Sisters, this is such a cool area. You can see off to the left in the distance there is a beautiful thriving marketplace. But the Able Sisters looks really cute right here in the middle of the street and there's a loom and sewing machine off to the left which is a really similar theme that we've kind of seen throughout all Able Sisters designs - people like to have those little clothing pieces and furniture around their Able Sisters, which is a really great idea because it pulls together the outside of your island with these storefronts. 

ACNH Shop Area Ideas 4 - Able Sisters Design Idea

5. Cottagecore Themed Shop Area Design

By Iyan - Island Address: DA-2668-0613-2549

The next shopping district that we'll be taking a look at is built in a cottagecore themed island, and you can see again they have their Nooks Granny and Able Sisters side by side. The nooks cranny is very foresty, lots of cedar trees leading up to it and the little cobblestone pathway looks very nice. You will also love the little stick that's laying on the ground, we don't know if that's supposed to be there but looks really cute and adds a little detail to the area. There's also this super calming space here with some of the log furniture, there's a book and some cream and sugar sitting on the table, so you can sit down and read your book with the peaceful waterfalls in the background and this really lovely scenic view. 

ACNH Shop Area Ideas 5 - Nook Cranny Design Idea

Here's a little walk through of this area and we're going to go ahead and walk over to the Able Sisters, there's little water feature sort of like a pond right in front of the store.

ACNH Shop Area Ideas 5 - Able Sisters Design Idea

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