ACNH Bridge Ideas - 10 Best Bridge Area Designs In Animal Crossing New Horizons

3/9/2021 11:33:01 AM

We are going through 10 creative imaginative bridge designs that you can use on your island, covering the ideas on bridge placement and tips for enhancing the areas surrounding your bridges. 

Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Bridge Design Ideas

Bridges as one of the common construction in Animal Crossing New Horizons, with powerful function of terraforming, which offer unlimited possibilities for your island design. There’s a variety of bridge styles you can choose to build in the game, and they range depending on what version you want. You need to pay a different amount of Animal Crossing bells for building different types of bridges, and if you change your mind about the location you chose, you can demolish the structure for 10,000 Bells.

Here is the list of all bridge types in Animal Crossing and their prices:

  • Stone bridge – 168,000 Bells

  • Suspension bridge – 129,800 Bells

  • Wooden bridge – 168,000 Bells

  • Brick bridge – 198,000 Bells

  • Zen bridge – 228,000 Bells

  • Log bridge – 98,000 Bells

  • Red zen bridge – 228,000 Bells

  • Iron bridge – 228,000 Bells

Because it takes a lot of bells to build or dismantle a bridge, be sure to place a suitable bridge before determining your design plan. So here we are going to look at some amazing bridge area design ideas to inspire you. 

1. Castle Theme Land Bridge

This is a land bridge on a Disney-inspired island with stunning views. Using the alternating hedge iron, stone fencing and the wedding flower stands is very clever and creates such a beautiful border for the bridge. 

ACNH Bridge Design Idea 1

2.  Fountain Park Brick Bridge 

This is an in-game bridge - the highly underrated brick bridge. Of course, you can never go wrong with a diagonal bridge, but the creative design will make it special and more stylish. Look at this design, we don't know how the creator comes up with these like centerpiece decorations but it looks just fantastic. The fountain is obscured by the floating biotope planter, looks very phenomenal.

ACNH Bridge Design Ideas 2

3. Suspension Bridge In Sawmill

Here is another diagonal bridge built in a lovely rainforest kind of vibe island, there are waterfalls super close to it. You can imagine going across a bridge like this in real life and how stunning it would be able to see waterfalls like right there. It seems that this is a small bridge built in the wild forest farm, linking different working areas. This peculiar idea transforms the traditional sawmill design concept, which is impressive.

ACNH Bridge Design Ideas 3

4. Zen Bridge On Waterfall

Here is the incredible design with bridges - the diagonal plus the on top of the waterfall bridge is creative. The creation is very peculiar and integrates the two Zen bridges into a magnificent landscape through the transformation of natural waterfalls and cliffs. 

ACNH Bridge Design Ideas 4

5. Brick Bridge In Park

This is a Brick Bridge again, which is transition season bridge works really well for Autumn just like it does for Spring. The creator also built it on the waterfall, and there is a little park with a fountain down there. And on the other side, another waterfall that comes from a higher cliff creates a layered beauty.

ACNH Bridge Design Ideas 5

6. Cottagecore Theme Bridge

This really unique bridge is set up closing to a little farmer's market, leading into an orchard kind of farm area, works so perfectly. Look at that bridge, it's the little suspension bridge which is also super cute. And everything is so well done, such as the water pump beside the little washbasin, you will be obsessed with this whole area. 

ACNH Bridge Design Ideas 6

7. Double Bridges On Different Cliffs

Next, we have two suspension bridges, one in front of the waterfall and another just in the distance like bridging the waterfall. It is dynamic to have 2 bridges so close together, and very suitable to built in the natural country or forest core them island to create undulating scenery. You don't even need to decorate the surroundings too much, two bridges on different cliffs can express the beauty of nature.

ACNH Bridge Design Ideas 7

8. Bridges For Connecting Different Areas

It's an incredible design with two diagonal bridges here facing in different directions and connecting different pieces of land. If you do use bridges in just a decorative way, that's completely fine. but this is so unique and beautiful way to really incorporate scenic bridges. There is the third bridge super close to the edge of the waterfall and also looks amazing. 

ACNH Bridge Design Ideas 8

9. Bridges At Front Of Shop

It's also really cool when a diagonal bridge leads directly into a little building or a shopping area like it does here. It is also worth pointing out here the waterfall on the right, if you don't have a water source or an excuse for a bridge, don't be afraid to create one because you're in charge of your island views. And this one is gorgeous because the creator decided to implement water regardless of what exists on the island also very notably this is right at the entrance. 

ACNH Bridge Design Ideas 9

10. Zen Bridge Over Double-sided Waterfall

This one really threw us for a loop but we have this amazing zen bridge and look at the view here - it's over a double-sided waterfall with like a sunken river and sunken waterfalls just to the left which leads into the campsite, everything about this is stunning. Especially at this time of the day like here at sunset the colors and everything is just brilliant and this area really shines.

ACNH Bridge Design Ideas 10

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