ACNH Build-A-Bear Collection: Release Date, Characters, Price and More

4/7/2021 11:18:43 AM

Animal Crossing New Horizons Build-A-Bear collection is finally revealed, in this article, we’ll go over the release date of the ACNH Build-A-Bear collection and characters you can get, as well as how to buy the items, prices and other things you should know. 

acnh build a bear

Last month, New Horizons announced a partnership with Build-A-Bear to make a set of new themed plush dolls, players were kind of hoping they might do something exciting or popular characters. However, the collection revealed makes fans a little bit disappointed. 

ACNH Build-A-Bear Collection Release Date

The Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear collection products were released on April 6, 2021, and have now sold out as of 1:30 PM CT. To prevent website crashes, the Build-A-Bear website set a virtual waiting room for customers to wait in before they can purchase the Animal Crossing plushes. There will be more opportunities to get the doll if you were not able to purchase the ACNH collection on April 6, the company has confirmed that more products will be in stock soon. 

When and How to Get in the Waiting Room?

The online waiting room opening at 9:30 AM Central Time. Guests who join the pre-waiting room before 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time will be randomly assigned a spot in line once the Animal Crossing New Horizons collection goes on sale. Guests who join after 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time will file in at the end of the existing line. Build-A-Bear Workshop has made the Animal Crossing collection available in the United States and United Kingdom stores so far.

Here are the links for the waiting room:

For US customers:

For UK customers:

ACNH Build-A-Bear Collection Characters, Products, Configurations & Price

There are only two characters included in the Animal Crossing New Horizons collection: Isabelle and Tom Nook, each comes with their Summer outfits and music or phrases, the phrase has a few sound effects they do and the music is just the ACNH theme. No more villagers, not to mention new ACNH items like Mario Crossover. A lot of players really hope to see some special characters like Celeste, but this is the entire collection. Isabelle and Tom Nook look really cute, but if you are not interested in these two villagers, it might not be worth getting them. They aren't exactly the cheapest thing out there and if want to get them, you’ll have to go online. They will be available in stores later this summer. 

A total of four configurations you can choose with $51:

Isabelle Summer Gift Bundle with Phrases 

Isabelle Summer Gift Bundle with Theme Music 

Tom Nook Summer Gift Bundle with Phrases 

Tom Nook Summer Gift Bundle with Theme Music

Rumors of Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear Collection

There were some rumors going around that the collection would actually have more characters in it like special characters and villagers that we know and love because when you type in these characters names on the Build-A-Bear site, it would actually come up to the Animal Crossing waiting page for them, so a lot of people really did believe that we're going to see a lot more characters, but sadly that just did not come to pass and in the end, we just got but because they have put these names into their website for some reason, maybe in the future, we could actually see a bigger collection.