ACNH Greenhouse Design Ideas - How to Make a Greenhouse in Animal Crossing New Horizons

4/22/2021 4:39:54 PM

Spring comes and goes, the trees and crops change with the moving of the season. In real life, the greenhouse can help you plant vegetables out of season, even though we don't have to worry about this in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it also gives us some inspiration to build our island. Here are 8 selected ACNH greenhouse ideas, just leave out a corner full of peace and quiet for yourself to enjoy nature. 

Best ACNH Greenhouse Ideas - How to Make a Greenhouse in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In this greenhouse collection, most ACNH greenhouse designs are constructed in outdoor, indoor greenhouse often requires less work. 

1. Greenhouse Tent by @luthie_crossing

The first one is an indoor greenhouse. The user made a custom window design with simple panels, and put some bonsai and plants on the shelf and table, there is also a Handcart and tree branch, which increases the reality. The new Sanrio-themed Animal Crossing item - Kerokerokeroppi rug matches well with the green in the house. 

acnh greenhouse idea 1

2. Arthemis Greenhouse by @liliescore 

This is an expanded open wide outdoor ACNH greenhouse. The use of a Simple Well, Water Pump, Country Fence, and Ironwood Cupboard forms a rustic style greenhouse. The custom wood plank flooring helps to bring the total structure together. There are also a few small flowers scattered around the tree or distributed on the grass.

acnh greenhouse idea 2

3. Outdoor Greenhouse by @echoluxan

The most distinct design of this greenhouse is the application of green ice partitions, which works perfectly for a greenhouse, the brown simple panels used as door and windows here are also gorgeous, the color nears the real wood. A cute sign with flower designs stands in the front. 

acnh greenhouse idea 3

4. Small Greenhouse By @acnh.makoronireef

This greenhouse only takes a little space, but it contains lots of great custom patterns, such as the greenhouse stall, greenhouse screen, lattice and vines, and light gravel floor. A variety of flowers grows here, and the stone fences surround them.

acnh greenhouse idea 4

5. Cottagecore Cluttercore Greenhouse by @kabuki.suki 

A large external greenhouse clutter with multiple plants, bonsai, bushes, trees, and flowers. The water source and tools are also equipped, it looks like a house courtyard. The Hello Kitty planter is so cute. 

acnh greenhouse idea 5

6. Callys greenhouse by @acxjeka 

In addition to the commonly used bonsai shelf and greenhouse stalls, the user also added bamboo trees and items made of bamboos, such as the Bamboo Basket, which makes the design more cool and special. Putting the plants on Floating Block is also an amazing idea. 

acnh greenhouse idea 6

7. Greenhouse by @HoneymistACNH

The user takes simple panels and stalls to separate the greenhouse into two different spaces, the cute standee acts as a door, you can peep the plants in the room interior. A wood plank path goes through the greenhouse, a row of flowers grows on the patch. 

acnh greenhouse idea 7

8. Cute Greenhouse by @juniper.crossings

Unlike other greenhouses, this open greenhouse does not decorate with lots of things, but it looks pretty cute. Three side simple panels form the space, the adorable Bunny Day topiary will lead your villager up to the greenhouse. The wooden bench provides enough extra space for plants to grow. Anthurium Plant and Hello Kitty planter help to make the color of the greenhouse vibrant. 

acnh greenhouse idea 8