ACNH Summer Update 2021 Predictions - Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update Datamine

5/21/2021 12:09:42 PM

What’s the biggest thing to happen in Animal Crossing New Horizons next update? Now we are going to talk about the ACNH summer update 2021, based on the data mine from update 1.10, it focuses on features that maybe come in update 2.0 or 1.11 for New Horizons. 

acnh summer update 2021

ACNH Summer Update 2021 Predictions - Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update Datamine

Thanks to the data miners for their discovery and the explanation of YouTuber SwitchForce, we can have a rough idea about the possible features and changes in the following updates. The next big update should be Animal Crossing New Horizons summer update 2021, covering events and ACNH items in June, July and August. Now let’s get into the prediction of ACNH summer 2021 update. 

Museum Update

It seems that Nintendo are preparing to make some big updates to the museum, even though players have discussed this topic for a very long time, we are always expecting the return of Brewster, they still give us hope, as if Brewster will appear in the next free update. However, the information about museum update and cafe is found in the latest 1.10 version, there is a good chance to get what fans want in the next 1.10 or 2.0 update. According to the datamine, it’s likely to allow more floor options in museum and the third museum floor would be available. 

Island Expansion

In addition, the south shore baseline 500 was changed to south shore baseline 1000, effectively doubling the size of the south shore baseline, which means the distance you can travel at the southern border of your island was expanded. This would bring a larger space for you to swim or a bigger island. The speculation won most supports is that there is possibly a new island or an expansion of the current island. The code leaked from the game file is a reliable source, but this is not a confirmation of the new update, because the conclusions can be misleading, all of these are just speculations. Swimming & diving was introduced in last summer, maybe they are going to update this function in summer 2021 update. SwitchForce makes a third point that it’s expanded to facilitate some new characters coming aboard, may be Kapp’n would arrive via the sea. 


There is also an evidence that cooking maybe coming back, we though before that there was going to be a big cooking update, it was rumored and heavily shown in the data mine that there was information about cooking mechanism and recipes, then it never materialized. We got pumpkins in the fall, and nothing else happened. So maybe cooking is related to Franklin and the Turkey Day, according to the discovery in the file, the food power seems to indicate that food would be granting or your power, works in the same way that when you eat a fruit. If it not comes in the summer update, Nintendo maybe make it to work in 2021 fall or other time. 

Cafe Entrance

In terms of adding a new shop and more features in the Roost cafe and Brewster, he hasn’t arrived is because he is up to some bigger things, such as the cafe, the museum expansion or expansion into a new building, actually more monumental to the gameplay. Brewster used to manage a cafe where you could have a beverage and even work there to help supply other villagers with their own beverages, if this idea of recipes of dish stacks of cooking icons and food powers has now converted into a full-blown operation where Brewster is helping make meals for your island and you can partake as an employee of Brewster's Roost and help make these meals. 

Camera Settings

Another leak about Animal Crossing New Horizons update is the changes have been made to the camera in the game, which means that either the camera has been rebuilt, or new capabilities and angles are more likely to be added.

Fence Customization

The code “mRemakeFence” and “mRemakeFenceScale” have been discovered by data miners in the 1.10 patch note, this indicates Nintendo would add the fence customization function in the game and allows players to customize their fences in ACNH, works similarly to other items. 

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