ACNH E3 Update 2021 Rumors - Upcoming Events in ACNH Next Update

5/29/2021 10:30:19 AM

We are coming to the end of May but the next update of Animal Crossing New Horizons hasn’t come yet, there are a number of rumors about it. What has been discussed most recently is the ACNH E3 update 2021. Let’s get into the possible contents included in this version.

ACNH E3 update

ACNH E3 Update 2021 Rumors - Upcoming Events in ACNH Next Update

Nintendo will release something new events and items Animal Crossing in the next update, most likely at E3 2021 that Nintendo attends every year, which is generally scheduled for the second week of June. Based on this and the information found in recent data mining, there are a lot of rumors around what we will see in the ACNH next update. Thanks to the YouTuber Mayor Mori, we can know about the following critical points quickly. 

1. Brewster and Roost Cafe

One of the biggest rumors is that Brewster and Roost Cafe will return to New Horizons in the next update, players who played the previous Animal Crossing game will know that Brewster runs a local cafe and there is a new mechanic that allows players to be able to serve and drink coffee. Every villager in the game drinks coffee in a different way, which makes it is interesting to determine who likes what kind of coffee. It suggests that Isabelle likes mocha coffee with three spoonfuls of sugar. This has been highly anticipated for some time, most players expect Brewster to come back. Whenever the next update is announced, it’s very likely to see him being added. It may be a summer update, maybe later. 

2. Kapp’n

Now, when we talk about the special NPC who has never transited to the New Horizons, another popular rumor has surfaced, almost since the first anniversary, the Kapp’n and his ship will be renewed next time, because the original cabin has always been the role of going, transport us to a smaller tropical island. Usually, he patiently waits for the dock and meets the local islanders or goes to an island resort. You can play a bunch of small games, no matter whether there are friends or not. Now unlike Brewster, he doesn't really have any indication in the data mine that he's back, but guesses around the dock and facts, We are very likely close to the summer update and expect that Kapp’n will be a perfect character to return with his sailing boat in the summer season.

3. Fence Customization

Another popular rumor is that we mentioned in the ACNH summer update predictions, fence customization. Some keywords have been found in recent data mining, indicating that a mechanical to customize fence may be added to the future game. We know that New Horizons is about customization, which provides more customization than any previous Animal Crossing game, so it's not unreasonable to think that fence customization will be added, given it currently exists in the game’s code, but it doesn't mean that it will be realized. It may just be a scrap mechanic or something they are testing. Things like this emerging from data mining will usually be exposed in future updates, so it is quite possible to announce customization at any time in the next update. 

4. Amiibo Cards

Another rumor is that Nintendo may be working on a batch of new Animal Crossing amiibo cards and will announce them in E3 2021 update. In short, it is reported that amiibo ID has been skipped, which is the same as the previous amiibo ID used for releasing more than 450 amiibo cards. Basically, this shows that these IDs that are not currently assigned to amiibo can be reserved for new Animal Crossing amiibo cards. Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence for speculation other than that, but it is important to remember that New Horizons lacks a lot of villagers in the past games, as well as special crossover characters that have not yet been returned, if this new series of amibo exists, it can bring back some classic ACNH furniture items from past games, even though there is any evidence to support this.

5. Zelda Crossover

Now when it comes to missing villagers and animals, another rumor gets notice in the past few weeks is Zelda Crossover. You may know that 2021 marks the 35th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda and outside of the Animals Crossing universe, there are quite a lot of talks and hypothetical leaks surrounding a Zelda announcement on E3 next month. Considering this, there are rumors that, if New Horizons sees an announcement at the E3 event, it may join the Zelda crossover to celebrate this huge milestone. Now there is no official announcement or even hint, but we have seen the Zelda crossover with Animal Crossing in the part, Zelda items have been available since the earliest time, but even in the recent New Leaf, the villagers of Zelda have also been introduced, such as Wolf Link. In addition, we have seen the crossovers of Sanrio and Super Mario, so it is not unreasonable that Zelda crossover may be the next one. 

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