How To Get The Most Heart Crystals In ACNH - 2021 Wedding Season Update

6/4/2021 3:15:04 PM

The magical pink gems heart crystals are crafting material exclusive to the wedding season in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Then what are they used for and how can you get heart crystals in ACNH wedding season 2021? In this guide, we'll be showing you some easy tips on how to max out your heart crystal yield every day of the event.


ACNH Wedding Season Update Details 2021

The wedding season starts on June 1st and runs until June 30th in both the southern and northern hemispheres. It has begun when Isabelle mentions it in her morning announcement. Once you've loaded into the game, make your way over to the airport as we will be flying to harvest island. If you're familiar with happy home designer, harvest island is basically the same thing where you can decorate various rooms using any furniture you have cataloged. When you're ready to fly, select the harvest island option to be taken to the wedding event and the wedding season wouldn't be complete without our resident Animal Crossing couple of Reese and Cyrus. These two alpacas were first seen in ACNL and ran a store called retail where players could sell and customize items. The premise of the wedding season event is that recent Cyrus want you to take photos for them for their wedding anniversary which includes decorating the backdrop for them when you get to harvest island for the first time. During the wedding season you will automatically be taken into the event where you will be able to decorate but for every other visit you must talk to Harvey first in order to trigger the event. If you don't do this step you will not activate the wedding event.

What Can You Do With Heart Crystals For Wedding Season 2021

When you walk into the cabin and it will be regular phototopia once inside the building after talking to Harvey, talk to Reese and find out the theme she wants for the photo, this is where heart crystals come into play. The better you decorate teresa's theme, the more heart crystals you will receive and every day during the month of June there will be a new theme. Reese wants you to decorate according to special wedding themed furniture is introduced for this event. So you'll want to make sure to incorporate some pieces from this set to please reads and to get as many heart crystals as possible.

Heart crystals can be used later on to obtain the special wedding theme furniture set, this is currently the only way to get the Animal Crossing items in the game. So if you want to have your own personal wedding set you'll want to collect many heart crystals.

What Do You Need To Do With Heart Crystals To Get The Wedding Furniture?

Once you are done decorating, open the camera in your nook phone to take a photo. The most recent photo you take is the one Cyrus will judge your decorating skills on. Once you have your photo, talk to Reese and she will automatically be able to see your photo, there are a few freebie wedding items you will receive just for partaking in the event. But all the good items must be traded for using heart crystals by talking to Cyrus. The more you're decorating aligns with the theme, the more heart crystals you'll receive. On the first 6 days of the event, the most crystals you can get per day is 14 on day 7 and beyond you can earn up to 18 heart crystals per day. Since it only takes 261 heart crystals to get each of one wedding item, you have plenty of chances to earn more than enough. 

How To Get The Maximum Amount Of Heart Crystals In ACNH

The secret trick to getting the maximum amount of heart crystals every day is to load up the room with wedding-themed items. Simply by placing wedding decorations on the wall and having a room full of wedding benches, please reach to the highest extent and you will get max heart crystals for that day. This will ensure you can obtain enough heart crystals to buy every piece of wedding furniture you want before the season is over. 

Note: Once you unlock the seventh day of the event you do need to use furniture that matches the theme Reese once, but you can still go ahead and spam one piece of furniture over and over on the floor and on the walls to get the most heart crystals possible. You also won't be able to trade hard crystals for every piece of wedding furniture right away. Some items require up to 7 days of playing the event to unlock such as the bridal veil, cake dress and wedding tuxedo. Three items such as the Reese and Cyrus photo, plate wedding fence DIY and wedding wand don't require hard crystals to obtain, but still won't be unlocked until you play6, 7 and 8 days respectively. If the wedding items aren't your thing you can always collect heart crystals to use as decoration around your island .

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