ACNH Table Glitch - How To Place Items More Precisely On The Table

6/15/2021 5:15:10 PM

Have you ever notice that you can't place any ACNH items directly in the center of tables outdoors in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Mainly refers to two times two tables, as a matter of fact, that there's actually no way of getting them in the center until now. A new glitch has been discovered by players in the game, here we are going to tell you how to place items more precisely,  and it'll help you with some of your decorating Animal Crossing Island.


New Discovered Table Glitch In Animal Crossing New Horizons  

When you decorate inside of your house you do get more precise tools to place items wherever you'd like. If you want to place an item that's a bit small on top of a table and you want it right in the middle. The truth is when you're decorating outside, you don't get these same tools. You have to physically move items around by pushing them or placing them from your pockets. 


When it comes to placing these small and tiny objects on top of 2 times 2 tables, there is no way to get these items directly in the center, you just can't do it no matter where you move around the table. The only way to do place items on the center of the table is from this glitch Thankfully a player droppedmycroissant on Reddit seems to have discovered a glitch that can help us place these items directly in the center of bigger tables, which is going to make these little builds and items look really great.



How To Use This ACNH New Table Glitch

Sometime in May, this new glitch was discovered with the puzzle piece, and that will allow you to glitch into different items such as the hot tubs, bathtubs and even rivers too. However, one player has discovered that there's more to this glitch. Now, we are going to tell you how this table glitch works in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

First thing you can do is glitched into the table as you can usually do with the glitch, go right to the edge instead of out of the table. Then you open up the pockets to place the small item they want. This glitch is only going to work with the smaller items that can already go on tables, and it won't work with the big items. You're going to have to use the miscellaneous items.

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