ACNH Able Sisters Shop: 10 Things You May Don’t Know About Animal Crossing Able Sisters

6/21/2021 11:45:11 AM

If you started playing Animal Crossing New Horizons since its release, you may have already been familiar with the island and gameplay. When it comes to the clothing shop on Animal Crossing island, thanks to Crossing Channel, we can learn about lots of interesting stories from the hidden details of the ACNH Able Sisters shop and the characters themselves. 

acnh able sisters

ACNH Able Sisters Shop - 10 Hidden Details About Animal Crossing Able Sisters

1. Sable patterns

Even if you enter the Able Sisters building several times on the same day or the same hour, Sable will be sewing a different pattern, there are a ton of different patterns which you can catch her sawing, she is not going to be working on the same pattern all day. How to access Sable’s patterns? Go to the customization page, select the “Patterns” option, you can customize furniture items that have fabric such as the blanket and cushions, using every pattern that Sable created. 

2. Flower motif

There are actually flower motifs all over the Able Sisters building, you may have not noticed this before, but there are a ton around the entire place, you can see flower patterns on the wallpaper, it's plastered all on the wallpaper, you can see some flowers on the door, to their little living quarters, you can also see a little book about flowers behind Sable. It seems that the sisters really love the type of flower, which makes the house interior look more pretty. 

3. Label's Items

When you talk to Label and you do her little fashion check, you'll be able to unlock new Animal Crossing items from her and some of them are really cool, when you unlock new items from her, they'll actually start to appear in the Able Sisters building and you'll be able to purchase them from there anytime you like, which is really great as it allows you to get lots of different color variations of the item as well, so basically this is a neat way to kind of expand the Able Sisters inventory so you're not just seeing the same items every single time.

4. Living quarters

There's actually a door beside sable which leads to their own little living quarters, now players can't actually go there, you've not been missing out on some hidden room that you didn't know about this entire time, but it is neat that they've got their own little space which they can enjoy. I think it'd be great if we got an update sometime in the future where we actually could visit where they live, maybe we could get a better insight into how these characters and even animals used to go back in previous games actually live.

5. Family photos behind sable

At all times and in basically all versions of the Able Sisters in Animal Crossing are a bunch of different family photos, these actually tell a bit of a sad story because when the Able Sisters were young, their parents tragically died, and ever since sable has been looking after both of her younger sisters. The clothing shop Able Sisters was originally run by their parents, until a fatal accident left the sisters parentless and the store was handed over to the eldest sister, Sable. Label, the middle child, and Sable got into an argument after their parent's death that led to Label leaving home for a new life as a fashion designer in the city. 

6. Talk with Sable

If you become good friends with sable, you can actually unlock some pretty cool patterns which you can use to customize different items and even your phone case too, which is pretty cool, you have to unlock these by continually talking to her, it's a nice little activity to do every day, but what you might not have known is that as you unlock more of these patterns from sable, you're actually going to unlock these for your villagers as well and as time goes by you'll see your villagers using these as phone cases.

7. Nook Scissors

In previous Animal Crossing games, it was kind of hinted at that Sable and Tom Nook actually had some kind of romantic connection when they were younger and that Tom Nook decided to pursue his dreams by going to the city, while Sable kind of stayed behind, however, Tom Nook has always been a bit of a softie and actually gave Sable a really cute gift for her birthday which was a pair of scissors, now interestingly enough there is a pair of scissors behind Sable at all times in the Able Sisters store, even if they aren't the exact ones, they're a reference to that from previous Animal Crossing games. 

8. Labelle to Label

In previous Animal Crossing games Label used to be called Labelle and she was actually estranged from her sisters eventually they reconnected again, but she used to go by the name Labelle because she works for Gracie who was basically her fashion mentor, this is a really cool little detail that when the Label has kind of come into her own in this game she's actually changed her name to go back to her original name rather than her sort of fashion designer name.

9. Till

It doesn't matter where you look in the Able Sister store, you will not see a till, now this might not seem strange to you because you interact with the items, if you want to buy ACNH items or you go in the changing room which is definitely really convenient and this is actually something that you did in the previous games as well, but in the previous versions of the Able Sisters store, they actually did have their own little till which is something that you can see in other buildings for example Nook’s Cranny in New Horizons.

10. Able Sisters age difference

Some people are probably wondering what the age difference between the Able Sisters is, they all look pretty similar in age, they have their own unique designs as well, so it can be kind of hard to tell where they place well, it turns out that sable is actually the oldest sister and she's basically been looking after her younger sisters, her entire life which is quite admirable then there's Label which is actually the middle sister, she didn't feel as close to her sisters in the past so she decided to try and move on with her life and do her own thing but eventually, they all reconnected and they're super close once again, you probably noticed Mabel is actually the youngest sister and she's the most outgoing of the free, she's definitely a bit more immature than her sister Sable.

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