Animal Crossing New Horizon Fireworks 2021 Update - New Items & Details You Should Know

8/4/2021 10:53:17 AM

The Animal Crossing New Horizons 2021 update has some really fun new items and additions to the fireworks event, and there's plenty to enjoy around your island, whether you played last year or this year for the first time. The fireworks festival has been going on since August 1st, 2021, all details you need to know about the fireworks event, the fireworks festival happens every Sunday in Animal Crossing New Horizons so let's review some of the details of the fireworks festival again.


Main characters in Fireworks- Isabelle, Redd, Villagers

Isabelle will let you know that the fireworks event is happening and she looks very cute in her little Pops. Of course, the fireworks festival is very simple, you just watch the fireworks happen on your island with Isabelle and Redd's prizes. If you know we need some island decorations, Isabelle doesn't do that much, she comes outside for a bit and that's it.

Villagers will also gather in the square during the fireworks festival and they will have lots of good things to say to you about the festival, unfortunately, some are stuck at home and they don't really want to talk about it so don't bother them, but if you see them in the square, be sure to talk to them because they would love to talk to you about the fireworks festival.


If you talk to Isabelle like you did last year, she will give you a Bopper, which is a random Bopper and you have a chance to get different things on different Sundays. If she doesn't give you the one you want, then don't worry too much, but it's always nice to get a little prize from Isabelle.

Of course, Reddis back, he's parked on the secret beach, he can also just show up in broad daylight or at night in the square even though he's basically a criminal who sold us fake art, he's back and he's selling us raffle prizes and the exciting thing is that he has a bunch of brand new raffle prizes for this fireworks festival.

New Raffle Prizes - Cotton Candy, Popsicles, Drinks

There are now three new raffle prizes, the rules of the game in Nintendo so that the first time you interact with the raffle, Redd will give you all brand new items, and if you've unlocked all the other items in the previous year, maybe you'll get those first. He also has some very interesting information about the different items you can get. One should pay attention to finding a raffle from which you can get more items, many of which are good-looking, cute, and useful things that can make Animal Crossing New Horizons more fun, especially if you are playing online with friends, so make sure you get those.


First, there are the marshmallows, and you can also get some little frozen popsicles or ice lolly, and it's fun to watch your character eat them in one gulp. The second thing that will be wildly popular is boba tea or coffee, there are a bunch of different types of boba tea or coffee and people will go absolutely crazy about this and want to know how you can get it and get the different types.

These mainly get them through Redd's raffle, so if you want new ones of these food items, a very interesting detail is that they are not just aesthetically pleasing like they were in the previous games, they actually increase your energy meter.

It's actually very easy to get energy this way, you don't have to go into your inventory to eat an item, just press a button in the world to get your energy increase, so it's recommended to use these items to increase your energy.

Redd also mentions"no refund if you trip and fall and drop a popsicle", just like adults teasing us when we were kids, which is really funny, especially since Redd is so shady that if you drop a marshmallow or you fall with a marshmallow, you can only do that with the King's Top mask, and the marshmallow will be perfectly fine, it won't be damaged. But if you trip with a popsicle or an ice lolly in your hand, it will melt and be damaged, and you can't get that back, you must remember that. When you trip and fall with these things. When you fall, the color of the juice spill actually matches the item, which is a really nice little detail that they added, and it makes a lot of sense.


If you like soba, definitely don't run around with your king mask. If you like boba, definitely don't carry your king mask around with you because you'll drop it on the floor and it will literally spill on you and that's not worth it.

But you can see it spill to match the color of it, and it seems like the only way you can do that now, the only way you can trip with these things, is with the king's mask, so as long as you're not wearing it, you're not going to have a problem.

Of course, you can also trip with the balloons, which is something they added last year. So if you think you want to lose your balloon, go for it too, Crazy Redd is lying to us again, now if you want to get a custom design and put a firework in the sky, it can be done.


The custom design portal and actually search for the characters and stuff you want in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it's a very convenient way to do that, the search function here is really good, but most people don't use this portal. So, if you want a really cute sky fireworks design, definitely check out this portal and press the match button when you go to custom designs, or you go to the capable sisters and it should help you get a bunch of different designs. If you want to buy bells Animal Crossing New Horizons can focus on, with the cheapest price, fast delivery, safety deal.