ACNH Money Making Guide - Top 10 Best Tricks To Farm Bells In Animal Crossing

8/24/2021 4:32:30 PM

Money makes the world go round and that's true in Animal Crossing New Horizons unless you are intending to sleep in a tent forever. So if you want to make some ACNH bells without cheating, at we have the ACNH bells farming guide, 10 tips and tricks to ensure your bells spawn.



No.1 ACNH Bells Making - Money Rocks Rock

Every day, there will be one specific Rock in your town that drops cash instead of minerals each time you hit it, but only for a very limited time after the first hit. To ensure you maximize your reward, try digging three holes or placing three objects in a row, parallel to the rock behind you, to hold the villager in place as you attack the rock. If you manage to land the maximum of 8 hits, you'll be a cool 16,100 ACNH bell's richer. This trick even works on normal mineral rocks too and though you won't get money directly maximizing the number of hits increases the chances of it dropping a gold nugget. And those can be sold at a high price.

No.2 ACNH Bells Making - Fossil Financing

If you really want to make some fast cash, consider selling the three to five fossils that you can find each day rather than donating them at the Museum, as they might be worth thousands of ACNH bells each. Just make sure that you had Blathers identify them first, otherwise the no clings will seriously shortchange you. 

No.3 ACNH Bells Making - Sell

Beyond fossils, you'll also find a variety of things and materials on your island that can be sold for fast cash, including fruit seashells, ACNH items and materials that fall by shaking trees and even weeds. Though these aren't worth much, it's still useful in a pinch, especially in the first few days.

No.4 ACNH Bells Making - Exotic Fruit & Money Tree

While you can sell your own island's fruit for a hundred bells each, you can sell non-native fruit from other islands for three times as much. Consider stocking up when using ACNH nook miles ticket visiting a friend's island or even planting a few of those you collect to grow more of your own back home. If you find a glowing money spot, replanting the bell bag we'll see a three times return on your investment in just a few days whenever he grows into a money tree.


No.5 ACNH Bells Making - Go Fish

Fishing is a very effective way of getting money and generally more than bug hunting. If you know which fish are worth the most, especially since the fish can be caught throughout the day and constantly replenish. The barred knife jaw available March through November is worth 5000 bells each, whereas the kola can't which only appears on rainy days, can be sold for a whopping 15,000 bells. Memorize their shadow sizes so you know which fish to target at a glance. Just keep in mind that some fish are exclusive to particular seasons' times of day and even bodies of water. If you're having trouble finding fish, go clamming. Manila clams are incredibly common and can be found all over the beach with a shovel. If you find one, you can use a simple DIY recipe to turn it into fish bait which will make fish appear wherever you scatter it.


No.6 ACNH Bells Making - Bug Off

While we did just say fishing works a teensy bit faster, you can find rare bugs too that can be sold for a ton particularly at night. Tarantulas are worth eight thousand bells to be precise. There's a surefire method to catching them as long as you're willing to be patient. As you approach a tarantula, it'll stand up on its hind legs as soon as they do stop in your tracks and wait for them to back down, then approach slowly and drop your net on them when they aren't standing to catch them with no problem.


No.7 ACNH Bells Making - Special Characters

When CJ or flick visit your town, take a note, they will pay you more for each bug and fish you catch ensuring that you can pay off bridges or debts quicker. Once they arrive, they will stay around until the day resets which is 5 a.m. allowing you to keep selling even well after the stores are closed.


No.8 ACNH Bells Making - Island Excursion

Once you've exhausted, the daily collectibles on your own island you may want to branch out to other islands to plunder all of their natural resources too. With the nope miles tickets purchased at the Nook stop, you can fly to distant islands where no one lives and gather up different fruit, bamboo and possibly exotic bugs and fish. Moreover, you might even find the occasional fossil too, all of which can be sold back for profit.


No.9 ACNH Bells Making - Stalk Market Manipulation

Every Sunday, Daisy May will head into your New Horizons town to sell you turnips and a flat rate, which you then have a week to sell to Nooks Cranny before they expire. The prices fluctuate every day, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Here's the thing the prices vary for other people's islands all over the globe. So try asking your friends if their turnip prices are being sold at a high price, then drop by their Island to unload your supply for some major cash.


No.10 ACNH Bells Making - Currency Conversion

If you're short on cash but flush on ACNH nook miles tickets, there's a fast method to convert one into the other. Simply pick up a bells ticket from the upgraded resident services building for 500 miles, then sell it to Nooks Cranny in exchange for 3,000 bells. It may not be the most efficient use of miles, but it's certainly one of the quicker ways to earn bells. so there you


This article is showing you the top 10 best ways to make easy ACNH bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Hope this ACNH bells money-making guide helps you on the way to becoming a billionaire.