Animal Crossing New Horizons September Update 2021 - ACNH Fall Events, Items, DIY Recipes, Season Changes, Critters

8/26/2021 10:12:32 AM

In 2021's September, what we can expect on our Animal Crossing New Horizons island at the beginning of Autumn? We've sorted out the top changes, new items, DIY recipes, critters and updates for you.

ACNH September Update 2021 - New Events & Items

ACNH September Update 2021 - Autumn Events & New Items

We are now only a few days away from September not only a brand new month but also a brand new season on Animal Crossing New Horizons island. As with every new month or in this case season, players get to experience a whole bunch of changes around the island including everything from typical monthly changes such as events, new items, and seasonal adjustments to changes associated with weather phenomena and the aesthetics of the island. There's a lot to get through and this of course applies to both hemispheres, so let's take a look.

1. Season Changes

Starting with the most obvious the end of August and the start of September marks the beginning of a brand new season in both hemispheres: in the northern hemisphere, the Autumn begins from September 1st and continues through to November 25th; in the southern hemisphere, Spring actually starts on August 25th and continues through to November 30th. During this time, we'll see new events new crafting materials and of course new items.

2. Fall DIY Materials & Items

Thanks to the new seasons, we're about to see a shift in the seasonal craft materials that will be available around the Animal Crossing New Horizons island and of course the DIY recipes that will be available. 

Tree's Bounty Series Furniture & Item Recipes in Northern Hemisphere

Players in the northern hemisphere will no longer be able to counter some of seashells spawning on the beach, but instead we'll be able to find and collect both Acorns and Pine Cones, these crafted materials will spawn from September 1st and all the way through to December 10th which can be used to craft items from the Tree’s Bounty Series including:

  • Acorn Pochette

  • Leaf Campfire

  • Pile of Leaves

  • Pine Bonsai Tree

  • Traditional Balancing Toy

  • Tree-Branch Wand

  • Tree's Bounty Arch

  • Tree's Bounty Lamp

  • Tree's Bounty Big Tree

  • Tree's Bounty Little Tree

  • Tree's Bounty Mobile

  • Yellow-Leaf Pile

Bamboo Series Furniture & Item Recipes in Southern Hemisphere

From August 25th, players in the Southern Hemisphere will no longer be able to encounter snowflakes, however bamboo trees have begun spawning young spring bamboo which is available from August 25th through to November 30th. As you'd expect, these can be used to craft items such as:

  • Bamboo Basket

  • Bamboo Bench

  • Bamboo Candleholder

  • Bamboo Drum

  • Bamboo Floor Lamp

  • Bamboo Flooring

  • Bamboo Lattice Fence

  • Bamboo Lunch Box

  • Bamboo Partition

  • Bamboo Shelf

  • Bamboo Speaker

  • Bamboo Sphere

  • Bamboo Stool

  • Bamboo Stopblock

  • Bamboo Wall

  • Bamboo Wall Decoration

  • Dark Bamboo Rug

  • Hearth

This seasonal change also means the corresponding DIY recipes for the Acorns, Pinecones and Young Spring Bamboo can also be found in the balloons in their respective hemispheres.

3. September Seasonal Events & Items

As well as changes to these seasons and the crafting, September also sees some new Animal Crossing seasonal items to buy are returning from last year, however others are a result of refreshed content from recent updates and are available for the first time:

Grape Harvest Festival - From September 1st, the grape harvest basket will be available at the Nook Stop in honour of the grape harvest festival until September 30th.

Moon Viewing Day - From September 12th, the brand new items - moon rug dango and moon cakes will be available to celebrate Moon Viewing Day until September 21st

Chusog - From September 12th, the Song Pyeong will be available alongside Chusog - the Korean holiday again until September 21st 

Most of these items are currently time-locked but will be available to both hemispheres in the coming weeks.

4. Summber Bug Off in Northern Hemisphere

As you'd expect, with the northern hemisphere transitioning from Summer to Autumn, it's time to bring the Summer Bug Off contest to a close for this reason, September sees the fourth and final bug off of 2021 and the last chance to earn one of three bug-off trophies, as well as another opportunity to earn some limited time items you may have missed from previous events including the Butterfly Backpack and Ladybug Ru. Amongst others, players in the northern hemisphere can encounter Flick at the resident services on September 25th to take part, unfortunately those of you in the southern hemisphere will have to wait until November when the next wave of bug-off contests begin in the Summer for you.

5. Weather Phenomena

Looking back at some of these seasonal changes, we can also expect to experience different types of weather phenomena depending on what region you're in.

Fog Weather in Northern Hemisphere - For those of us in the northern hemisphere will once again be able to encounter really heavy fog and river fog which can completely cover the island. Fog only appears on clear days after heavy rainfall from 5am through to 9am, so a pretty short window. Furthermore, as September comes to an end, Juvenile Nimbus clouds will stop spawning in favor of serious and Zero Cumulus clouds from September 16th through to November 30th. 

Rainbow Weather in South Hemisphere - Players in the southern hemisphere, on the other hand, will no longer encounter fog but instead be able to experience rainbows and double rainbows from the start of Spring which is August 25th through to May 25th, similarly bellow clouds stop spawning from the end of August with thin clouds much more common from September 1st through to November 30th, not really that big of a deal but still really cool changes.

6. Island Aesthetics

September also sees some visual changes to the natural elements around your Animal Crossing New Horizons island:

Bushes & Flowers - The most notable is of course to the bushes and the flowers, they bloom during this time in the northern hemisphere; red and yellow hibiscus will continue to bloom until September 20th at which point orange and yellow tea olives begin to flower instead these will continue to bloom until the end of October. However players in the southern hemisphere won't see any changes to bushes throughout September as pink and red camellias continue to bloom until the end of the month. 

Weeds - The only other things worth mentioning are the weeds that actually see a significant change thanks to the change in season, starting in September in the northern hemisphere weeds will appear less weed-like and instead look more like flowery with fluffy grass, and it's actually a really nice aesthetic; similarly in the southern hemisphere weeds look a lot less frosty and colorful and instead appear larger and brighter.

Color Tone - The new season also changes the atmosphere to the island with Autumn seeing warmer and more cozy Autumn colors; and Spring seeing brighter and more vibrant grass and trees. 

7. Nooks Cranny

Although it doesn't happen every month, Nook's Cranny is often updated when new seasons come around naturally. With the Autumn season upon us Nook's Cranny will begin to swap out his summary displays both inside and outside of the store for more appropriate decorations, however the biggest change comes to the seasonal items that Nook's Cranny has for sale on the display mat during the Summer and Winter months. During September Nook's Cranny will no longer be selling the surfboard or fan items in the northern hemisphere, all these space heater and celebration candles in the southern hemisphere, these will of course become available again in the future in the opposite hemispheres around the start of December.

8. Critters

Of course it wouldn't be a new month or new season for that matter without a shift in the types of critters we can encounter around the New Horizons island including bugs, fish and deep sea creatures. Now because we are entering a new month, the amount of critters leaving and arriving at the island is larger than usual with 22 creatures spawning in the northern hemisphere and 20 creatures spawning in the southern hemisphere. There's far too many to mention right now, but the northern hemisphere will be able to encounter the likes of the Violin Beetle, Golden Trout and Sweet Shrimp; while the southern hemisphere will be able to encounter the likes of the Orchid Mantas, Bad Knife Jaw and Spider Crab amongst others, so plenty of critters to keep your eyes open for.

There is a bunch of changes that we can expect to see in September, but which seasonal item are you looking forward to buying the most? If you miss the time to get these items, don't worry, you can easily to buy Animal Crossing bells and items from MTMMO.COM at the cheapest prices.